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located in The United Kingdom, a part of The Organization: Runaways, one of the many universes on RPG.

The United Kingdom



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Character Portrait: Daniel Wright Character Portrait: Kai Steele Character Portrait: Aziza Banerjee
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Kai.I lay limp on my bed, still reeling from the painful loud siren that went off suddenly.
My head hurt at first but now my whole body did.

Mandie...They got to her to, I just knew it. I could feel it.

I closed my eyes and tried to remain calm. They had Danny, and my guess, they just used me to get to him. Honestly, I was proud of him, I knew how stubborn that boy could be, and when he didn't want to talk about something...he wouldn't. I know from personal experience.
So I knew he didn't give them the time of day which sure resulted in them hurting me but I'd rather him not do what these assholes said. No matter what happens.

Easier said then done, I'm aware.

I closed my eyes then, my breathing even again as I focused on something. He'd promised me a while back, he'd take me to a cabin, far away from everything. It'd be peaceful and quiet. I focused on that. It was my 'Happy Place' if you will.

I felt my body go heavy, as I drifted to sleep.

It wasn't long before I was shocked away by the sound of the electronic door of my cell opened. My eyes still closed, I groaned. My new friends, I presume." I said and opened my eyes to find the two guards from eariler at the door. "Mrs. Baranjee wants you to come with us."
"I'm sure she does...where is she so I can thank her for the assault on my ears. That was fun." I said dryly as I sat up, my head still pounding. So this is what a hangover felt like, I wouldn't know.

I held up my arms. They seemed to enjoy dragging me here and there so I figured...Let them eat cake. Shit, I didn't want to go, so why walk when I had my own rickshaws.

They grabbed me up, a little tighter then before as I'm sure they expected me to go limp again. Some other time for sure.

They lead me to a large white room. It sorta reminded me of the Ring, when they were running psyche tests on Samara....Why my mind went there, I will never know...

There was a table and chair, and this peice of equipment sitting atop it. I frowned.

"Take a seat, please."
I heard the familiar voice of Aziza, ring over the intercom.

I took a seat. "I want to see how well your hearing actually is. You've had hearing tests before, It'll be just like that."

Damn, she was a nosy bitch. I haven't had a hearing test since elementary school.

With that, I had a set of headphones placed on my head and the machine was turned on. Then I was subjected to several different volumes of beeps, ranging from high to low, with which I had to raise my hand when I heard them. It wasn't long before the test was over.

"Well done. Quite impressive" She said, and I rolled my eyes.

"I want to see him." I said, my voice was low.

"Excuse me."

"You heard me. I. Want. To. See. Him."

"If you behave, then you will" She said and I clenched my teeth, She had something I wanted, leverage. She could keep dragging me along knowing she could use Danny as motivation.

"No. I want proof alive. Let me atleast talk to him..."
Honestly, I watch way too much television but hell, you learn alot, like say how to handle a hostage situation, for instance.

"Fair enough."

It was quite for a moment before a man entered the room, the same man it seemed from before, walked up with a phone
"Make it quick. He'll hear you in his cell, you have five minutes."

I held the phone to my ear.
"Danny, Can you hear me? It's Kai."My voice softer now.I could feel pressure behind my eyes. I knew he saw what happened. I knew they did it because he was watching. Also knew how he reacted to I did only, He had a shorter fuse and a bigger bomb. I needed him to know I was okay, and maybe he'll be able to stay calm. I needed him to be.