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located in The United Kingdom, a part of The Organization: Runaways, one of the many universes on RPG.

The United Kingdom



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As time went on, I could feel myself becoming more and more bored than I'd ever been in my entire life. I mean, seriously, being sat in a near empty room for hours on end got to be quite boring after a while. The least these dickheads could have done was to put a TV in the room or something, so that my brains weren't corrupted with thoughts of suicide instead of something more cheery, like what sort of dumb shit SpongeBob was getting up to. Instead, I was left to my own thoughts, my eyes shifting to several different areas in the room. I figured maybe I'd just sleep the boredom off and someone would wake me up when I was needed, but I guessed it was still early in the day because I felt restless. That and the fact that they might possibly be hurting my girlfriend elsewhere. I was wide awake, and no amount of complete and utter boredom would ever be able to change that.

Curiosity had gotten the better of me at one point as well because I'd climbed off of the bed and walked over to the drawers they'd put in the room. I was guessing there were clothes in there because why have furniture that you don't need in your room? As I opened the drawer, my brows lowered into a deep frown, spotting that there were just tons of copies of the exact same outfit I was wearing. God knows what had happened to my previous outfit. I loved that shirt; I'd have to ask for that back if they ever planned on letting me out of this prison. I hadn't had a chance to ask how long they intended to keep me there in my previous interview, as they'd pissed me off way too soon for my liking and I'd just lost whatever sanity was still lingering in my mind. I could honestly see myself becoming crazy in a place like this, seeing as it was more like a fucking mental institution than anything else.

I couldn't let myself think of freedom at that moment, lest I snap and smack my face off a while.

I slammed the drawer shut and soon after that, a beep rang through the room and had caught my attention in that second. What do they want now? I thought and with a sigh, I turned towards the security camera, thinking that it was that stupid woman again, trying to test my patients and provoke a reaction. "Danny, can you hear me? It's Kai," the voice spoke, loud and clear, and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes to the point where I was convinced that I could cry, but I managed to blink them back. I lowered my gaze to the floor, shaking my head furiously as if I didn't believe it was really her. I hadn't been here long, and I had no idea what these people were truly capable of but God dammit, it could have been a mind trick for all I know. They might've just been trying to get information out of me. Well, good luck to them, 'cause I wasn't buying it in the slightest.

"This is a joke, isn't it?" I called back, my eyes narrowed as I made my way back over to the bed and sat down on the edge of it. I'm not falling for this shit..." I shook my head again, my eyes shifting to the floor. "I want to see her in person, or so help me God, I'mma fucking kill you all!" I screamed, backing up the bed until my back was pressed against the wall. I threw my handcuffed arms into the wall beside me and yelled out again in a sad attempt to break the handcuffs off. Failing that, I turned the other way, my knees pushing into my chest with my arms wrapped around my legs and my forehead pressed against the wall.

I couldn't even begin to describe what this place was doing to my mind but, in short, it was bringing back all those repressed emotions that I'd bottled up as a kid. All those years of being bullied in first and middle school... all those years where I sat back and bit my tongue, letting everyone get away with it, which ultimately lead to me becoming damaged, socially inept and a fucking mental case in high school. I let my anger get the best of me and instead of being sent to therapy, I had to continue life like that, whilst dealing with all the shit my sister and parents put me through at the same time. I hate to say that I'm damaged for some specific reason but after a while I couldn't deny it any longer. I knew that one day I'd have major issues because of it, but never did I think that time would come when I was kidnapped, handcuffed, provoked and locked inside a small white room in a white hospital gown.

"I can't even ask you any personal questions to see if you're really you... 'cause they know everything..." I mumbled, quietly. "I'm sorry... I can't trust you until I see you for myself." I stared over at the door, calling out to... well, anyone that was listening. A man entered, different to before but still in the same sort of uniform, and I straightened my expression as I looked at him. "End the call, please," I pleaded, my voice breaking as I could feel the tears now falling down my cheeks.

As soon as he left, I fell to the side so that I was lying down on the bed, my knees still pushed into my chest. I fell asleep then, to the peaceful dreams of times I'd once spent with Kai back at the house...

(OOC: I wrote so much that I ran out of room so I'm going to do my tests in a later post.)