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Snippet #2438505

located in The United Kingdom, a part of The Organization: Runaways, one of the many universes on RPG.

The United Kingdom



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Character Portrait: Mandie Coombes
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Consciousness overcame my senses and I was greeted by all of my nerves screaming in pain. I noted that I was starting to feel a bit feverish. Probably from the stress of being, oh, kidnapped maybe?
I sat up very gingerly with my hand keeping my head stable as the room swayed before me. The walls were a blinding white, so I squeezed my eyes shut so the light wouldn't get a chance to intensify my already intense headache. Also, my back felt like it was on fire. That was always a wonderful feeling.
I could still feel Aya’s fear and panic, and coupled with my own it was almost too much to bear. My whole being trembled and I collapsed in on myself, trying to get as small as possible, desperate for some semblance of safety and security.
I didn’t understand why this was happening. I’d hardly ever done anything wrong (I was pretty intimidated by authority), and one of the only times I really got in trouble was when I Sparta-kicked a boy in the stomach because he was annoying me.
I laughed bitterly at that memory. I wouldn’t be able to Sparta-kick my way out of this one.
Anger began to rise in my chest and I recognized it as Aya’s emotions. We’d always had a connection, we always knew what the other was thinking, but I’d never felt her emotions before like this…and I could only imagine what was happening to her.
Aya, I thought to myself, we gotta get out of this…but how? What is going on? Why is this happening?
I’d only seen these types of things happen in movies and tv shows. Those were always thrilling to watch, but now that it was happening to me…yeah, not so much. I kept running thoughts through my head, imagining all of the things that these people could possibly want with me. Did I have something of value that they wanted? Was this gonna be some crazy, real life version of the Saw movies? Did they want to torture me, rape me, kill me…? Expose me to radiation and turn me into a mutant with superpowers? Being the total nerd that I was, I was kind of hoping for that last choice. That was the most preferable of all the other scenarios I had thought up.
My forehead started to burn more furiously and I tried to quell the nausea brewing in my stomach as I wiped the sweat from my brow. I started to practice deep vinyasa breathing to calm myself down and thought, I’d kill for a yoga mat and some water right about now.
Suddenly the door my cell swung open, and before I could saw anything I was roughly grabbed and pulled up off the bed. My head pounded as I tried to open my eyes to see anything, try to find anything that would give me a clue as to where I was. But all I could see were huge man hands grasping my upper arms and my toes barely reaching the floor as I was relocated to a room at the far end of a long hallway. I was plopped down into a cold, steel chair that sent shivers all throughout my body. The coolness was a brief comfort to my molten skin.
I could only squint but I saw a metal table before me, and a moment later a poised Indian woman stepped into the room and smiled down at me. I grimaced in return. Assuming that this was the person who was going to ask me all sorts of fun questions, I sat back in the chair and tried to look as relaxed and indifferent as possible. It was going to be hard to try and fight my extreme discomfort.