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located in Fururistic, a part of Away from Home, one of the many universes on RPG.


(Please excuse the name. I didn't expect settings to actually mean settings...)


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Character Portrait: Asher Chattaway Character Portrait: Krysta Parks
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". . . and you know, I'm pretty sure that my brother Matt has this weird mystery case thing, like the ones that real cops use! Argus might have sold it at our last garage sale, though..." Asher said, continuing on with his jumbled speech about him and the girl finding out what the heck was going on. The redhead had been talking for so long his train of thoughts had made it from horseback riding, skating, paper clips, and now back to the main idea.
No wonder why he was failing English, his thoughts were always scattered. Yet somehow, Asher seemed to be perfectly fine at writing on his own... huh.
Due to his nonsense chatter-which now involved the possible idea of aliens and bigfoot teaming up to take everyone away, Asher realized that the blonde haired girl was only half listening, if at all, when he stopped to take a much needed breath of air.
"So then maybe if w- ... hey, you okay over there, Doll?" Asher asked, glancing over at the girl who was now on the floor. Cautiously, the boy crept over to her and stared. She was crying. What should he do now that she was crying? He didn't grow up in a house filled with women, the best idea Asher had to get one to stop was to give her a teddy bear or something. A Barbie? Something pink? Little cutesy girly stuff? He didn't know.
"Don't cry, don't cry!" Asher said quickly in an almost panicked tone. What if she threw a fit? What if she started throwing stuff at him?
Whenever his mom started getting upset, Asher, Argus, Matt, and Logan had always fled the scene.
"Come on, Doll, get up. We'll go for uh... icecream or something. I don't have any money right now, but no one will miss it, right? Unless you have some in the freezer." He said, pulling the blonde to a standing position. It only took him a few steps towards the kitchen to realize that was probably it.
No one. Asher glanced over at the still crying girl. That was it, right? She was upset because everyone went 'poof'? Sure, Asher was kinda sad too but...
"Hey, Doll, it's okay! We'll figure out what happened, I promise." Asher said, adding in a reassuring smile for effect. His real thoughts? He really wanted some icecream, now that he mentioned it.
How typical. Everyone seemed to have disappeared, including his family, and yet all the boy could focus on was getting a snack.