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located in Raela, a part of As Fate Demands, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Serafina almost desperately wanted to change into the clothes in her hands, or at least put them on over top off the ones she had on now. There was a chill in the air that had her shivering, but she tried to ignore it. Neither pairs of clothes were very thick, her night clothes were not because her parents did not want her wearing them out, and the others because they used to belong to her friend and he had worn them many times, making the fabric very thin. Her friend had been an orphan, one she befriended at a young age and would never stop talking about at home. Eventually she just sort of took him home with her and didn't let him leave. They decided he was to be her "companion" of a sort, like an animal would be, but this was an actual person they were talking about. Up until maybe fifteen or sixteen they allowed him to go everywhere with her, he was even tutored with her. And then it was deemed too "risky" to let them stay together anymore, since Raffy was a young lady and he was a hormonal young man. Given money to start his own life, he was sent out of the city with a horse and his very few belongings. Raffy still thought about him sometimes. Though she did not miss him, she could not. He would be having a better life now than he ever could have stuck as her companion.

Though he did not give her time, and she would not ask it of him. They would have to stop at some point, and then she could change if she wished. For a moment she allowed herself to wonder what he was planning on doing with her, but she quickly veered away from that subject. She did not want to know, and she would not worry about it. Whatever happened, would happen. There was little she could do to stop it, in her mind. And even in reality, he probably had weapons, even without them he had an advantage with being a freaking huge beast in his other form. She would lose, unless she could find something sharp and surprise him. Even then though, he had the upper hand with probably being trained in fighting, and he was certainly bigger and stronger than she was. Not to mention that without him, there was no way she was going to get out of these woods alive, so either way she was stuck. Might as well follow him around and figure out what happened, right? Seemed like good enough of an idea then.

Raffy followed him towards the Inn, falling behind a few steps. Though he seemed unconcerned, as if he would not expect her to try and run, scream for someone to help her. He was right though, many things came to mind, and she did nothing. Just followed the maniac who had kidnapped her in the middle of the night, and could change into a huge eagle-looking thing. Up in the room, she stayed by the door as he locked it, watching him set his bag on the bed closer to the door and even still there when he asked what she wanted to do. I wish to change. The Princess said finally, making a little twirling motion with her finger to gesture for him to turn around. She went to her own bed and set down her book before beginning to peel off her clothes. Afterwards she ended up in a pair of brown trousers, a white button shirt, and a brown vest that she hoped might keep her at least a little warmer. Now I am ready to eat, sir.

โ•Œ Serafina