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located in Fururistic, a part of Away from Home, one of the many universes on RPG.


(Please excuse the name. I didn't expect settings to actually mean settings...)


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"Yori is promised." He responded to her demands, a little curious of the noises going on inside. "Yori knows Izumi misplaced Jesi. But, Yori will find Jesi, and give Home to Izumi." What was she doing? Yori put his ear up against the door, hearing some sort of clinging noises going on inside. He then heard the doorknob jiggle, to which he believed was the sound of it unlocking He smiled again and opened the door.

Yori was quite relieved that he didn't have to use force to get the door open, but he was a little confused when he saw her holding a sharp metal stick towards him. His eyes widened a bit, a sudden Déjà vu moment. His smile only loosened though, he was still pleased that she had opened the door."Ok, when I ask you I don't want any half answers or avoiding the question. What happened to everyone and who are you and why are we the only ones still here?" Was her question, and a very goon one at that. "Yori.. Yori can explain. Yori and Izumi are most unlikely alone. Yori is... looking for Jesi. Jesi can help bring Izumi home."

Yori huffed, still eyeing down at her sharp object. It made him feel uneasy. "Jesi is sister to us. Jesi is lost. Will Izumi... give Yori communicator back? Yori needs to find Jesi.." Yori looked a bit sad after the last explanation. It was still sort of a half-answer, though he tried his best at least, but he really didn't feel like getting stabbed in the gut again today.