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located in Fururistic, a part of Away from Home, one of the many universes on RPG.


(Please excuse the name. I didn't expect settings to actually mean settings...)


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Character Portrait: Asher Chattaway Character Portrait: Krysta Parks
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Image Under normal circumstances, Krysta wouldn't have liked for anyone to rummage through her kitchen, especially since this was technically her brother's home. Unfortunately, the situation was far from normal, so Krysta could only stare as Asher spoke. He offered her some food, but the blonde wasn't hungry at all. When he mentioned what he did at their school, it was then a lightbulb went off. In the back of her head, she thought she recognized him, now she had her answer. She would have replied, but soon he was talking again. Would she ever get a word in?

"And nah, this isn't a dream I don't think. Most girls I dream about are the ones on the covers of magazines."

She gapped at that and was about to reply when he cut her off again. Did he think her bad looking or something? Krysta might have had her uncertainties, but she like to think she was good looking. However as soon as these thoughts entered her mind, she quickly brushed them away. Now was not the time for foolish thoughts when more serious matters were at hand. When Asher's smile dropped, Krysta almost went to him, but didn't know what to say or do. If her brother was missing, maybe he had family missing too. Krysta felt ashamed. Her she was wallowing in her own pain and forgetting she's not the only one who has last someone. However as she kept berating herself, Asher seemed to perk up again. How? She did not know. Questions started entering her head too.

"Anywho! If you're up to it, there's some pizza in the freezer over at my place and will only take, like, fifteen minutes to cook if you want a snack before we get down to this wacko mystery business."

"Um, sure, but not just yet. Let me check a few things first." she said before checking to see if the light switches worked and other utilities. At least those things still worked.

"Should I pack something? I have no idea what we're going to do."