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located in Raela, a part of As Fate Demands, one of the many universes on RPG.




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When the princess informed his that she wished to change, Riari's eyes watched as she made a motion with her finger. He silently obeyed her, turning so that he could not see her. For all he knew, Serafina was planning on attacking him from behind. He should not have turned his back on her. It was lesson number one. He wasn't quite sure what had made him go against his instinct. When the princess spoke again, Riari turned back to face her. His eyes took in her new outfit. She certainly didn't look like a princess in her new choice of clothing. Though her clothing wasn't nearly as dark as his, it would serve to keep any unwanted attention from them. Riari debated with himself for a short moment. Should he allow her out of the room? After a few short moments, Riari decided that though they were a fair distance away from the palace that he could not risk letting her wander around the property. It was bad enough that a few people had seen her when they'd entered.

He turned his gaze to Serafina. "You will remain in this room. I'll return momentarily with something for us. Is there anything in particular that you would prefer?" he asked, his eyes never leaving the princess. He gave her plenty of time to answer him and then he turned his back on her once again and left the room. He made his way slowly back down the stairs and to the main floor of the inn. He quickly spoke with the innkeeper and informed him what it was that he needed. He only had to wait a few minutes before the innkeeper was handing him a small tray with food and drink. Riari slowly made his way bacck up the stairs and into the room. Once inside, he made his way over to the small table and sat the tray down. "I hope this is all right. I'm sure that it's not the best meal that you've ever had however it will do for now." he said, simply regarding the young woman.

Riari quickly fixed Serafina a plate of food and offered it to her. He wondered if she would even take it from him. He could not blame her if she didn't. He then poured a drink for her and handed that to her as well. "Eat and then you should get some rest. We will not be leaving until tomorrow morning. I'm certain that you must be exhausted." He then fixed himself a plate and made his way over to his bed, sitting down. He began eating, taking his time. It had been some time since his last meal and he'd not realized just how hungry he was. It didn't take him very long to finish eating. When he was done, Riari placed his plate back on the tray. He then made his way back to his bed and sat once again. He was silent once again, wondering what was going through the princess's mind. She most likely had no idea what was going to happen to her. Unfortunately, that was something that Riari could not speak of to her.