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located in Bellingstone, Pennsylvania, a part of Welcome to Bellingstone, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bellingstone, Pennsylvania



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Character Portrait: Caroline King Character Portrait: Axel Jaeger Wolff Character Portrait: Samuel Xavier Pierce Character Portrait: Caterina De Luca
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ImageSam swept in a robotic fashion, his mind preoccupied, venturing off on tons of different thoughts. He wondered what exactly Axel was doing here with Cat, of all people. He had suspected something the previous day, watching the two of them flirt in front of Leanna. His Alpha had been trying and trying forever with Leanna, only to throw it away in one day with a complete stranger? But he couldn't say anything to Axel, because that would only be hypocritical. After all, Sam himself wasn't doing his duty as the beta male. Yet, his actions were out of love, but were Axel's? He highly doubted it. And, after the pack meeting, he certainly couldn't say anything else to piss Axel off. Sam had already spoken out against him, not backed him up. He couldn't do it again.

Axel was his best friend, and regardless of Sam's moral views of Axel's actions, he had to respect them. That was his his role as beta. Sometimes, for the pack, he had to put his personal views aside. That was just the way it was for a wolf. "So, what's up? You're more quiet than usual..." Axel's voice brought Sam out of his own mind, back to the present. "What? Oh..." He cleared his throat, attempting to search for an answer. "Nothing's up. Just thinking." he said simply. His eyes darted over to Cat, who was most likely confused as hell. But what could he say? The answer was nothing, because Cat didn't know that the pair were werewolves. He couldn't be honest with Axel in front of her. He just had to be quiet.

Absentmindedly, he pulled his phone out of his pocket, checking for a message from Caroline. Yet his phone had no new messages, and and he slipped it back in his pocket. She never really took very long to respond, probably because texting was really the only way they could constantly communicate. Where the hell was she? She hadn't been very specific in her message, just saying that she wanted to see him in a few hours. He couldn't really imagine what she would be doing alone, that he couldn't know about. If she had just been at the bar, he could have stopped by. And if she were at home, he could have gone there as well. No, she was up to something, and he had a bad feeling about it. And he wasn't there to protect her. If she got hurt, or even worse, he would never forgive himself.

With his phone back in his pocket, he began sweeping once more. Although, his mind was extremely focused on the phone in his pocket, waiting for it to vibrate. To hear anything from her. He barely focused on the other two people in the room. Axel was smart enough, he would guess something was up. His mind was now far away from worrying about the pack meeting earlier, or even pissing Axel off. There were far more pressing matters in his point of view. Anyone would think he was overreacting, but he just knew something was wrong. As a wolf, he had a sixth sense about trouble. They all did. It was animal instinct. And that impending doom feeling was growing heavier and heavier in his chest.

ImageSam threw the broom aside, listening to the smack as it hit the wall. He walked right past Axel and Cat, not saying a word. He walked through the back of the diner, and straight through the back door and outside, breathing in the cool air, trying to calm his head. But he couldn't get past that nagging feeling in the back of his mind. It was there, pushing him and telling him something was wrong. He pulled his phone out and dialed Caroline's number, placing the phone up to his ear. "Come on... pick up the phone..." he whispered to himself, listening to the ringing repeat over and over. Eventually, it went to voicemail, and he felt the urge to throw the phone as far as he could. After the beep, he spoke quickly. "Where are you? Call me back." He ended the call and jammed it back in his pocket.