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located in Fururistic, a part of Away from Home, one of the many universes on RPG.


(Please excuse the name. I didn't expect settings to actually mean settings...)


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"Yori.. Yori can explain. Yori and Izumi are most unlikely alone. Yori is... looking for Jesi. Jesi can help bring Izumi home."
She watched as his eyes widened as he noticed the knife. She looked down at it.
"Wait... If we're not alone then where is everyone?" She sighed and lowered the knife and set it down on the table.
"Jesi is sister to us. Jesi is lost. Will Izumi... give Yori communicator back? Yori needs to find Jesi.."
She saw him sadden. Now she felt a bit bad. She didn't know what it was like to loose a sibling.
"Listen, I don't know where she is but I promise I will help you find her. Also I don't have your communicator, is it like a mobile? You can use mine if you want."
She pulled her mobile out and typed in the code. She held out her phone and smiled.
"How are we going to contact any one else. We don't even know where they are..."
A single quite crazy thought came into her head... It wouldn't work, it couldn't, could it? It was worth a shot.
"Wait there," she said to Yori and hurried into her bedroom. Once there she pulled her laptop out from under her bed and switched it on. She turned an walked back into the main room. She opens Facebook and searched online users. There were none of any one she knew on it but there was one. She clicked on the profile. She didn't even check who it was she just sent them a message.
It read
Hi, hopefully ur actually there and im just not goin crazy but if you actually are readin this and hav no idea wer every1 has gon, message me back
She didn't check her message she just sent it.
"I may have found another person," she said and grinned. The excitement of even knowing another person except her and Yori was out there was unbelievable. She opened her mouth to say something then her a message came through. Her smile broadened and turned back to the computer.