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located in Bluffington, Minnesota, a part of Apple Pie and White Picket Fences, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bluffington, Minnesota

A delightful and wonderful town with a caring, dedicated community.


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Character Portrait: Lola Goodman Character Portrait: Leopold Pratt Character Portrait: Flynn Edyrimm Character Portrait: Arlathina Dalisia
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Arlathina Dalisia

I couldn’t believe that the ride from hell was over. I brushed a few stray, blonde hairs behind my ear and stood, walking from the interior of the escape pod. Before me, there stretched a forest, very similar to the ones on Isteria, but there was something different. The colors here were less saturated. On Isteria, the hues were so vivid that you could practically taste them, making this environment pale in comparison.

My pointed ears twitched at what sounded like speech, a short distance to the west. Given what had just happened to me, I was not sure whether or not I could trust anybody, but remaining alone was not an option. My assailants could be tracking the location of the escape pod right now. Frantically, I weighed my options.


The earth delighted to feel my bare feet, or was it that my feet delighted to feel the bare earth? Either way, the crunch of leaves would have exposed my location to any enemies. This was intentional, of course. As I crashed through the troublesome branches and undergrowth, I began to moan and feign a sob. The halt of the aircraft had resulted in some minor abrasions, and I knew that I must play them off well. They were right ahead of me now, a group of—according to my best estimates—three people; two male and one female.

They spoke in a language that I could not understand, but this did not deter me from seeking their aid. One of the many special qualities of Isterians was their exceptional skills in the craft and understanding of language. After these beings spoke a few sentences to me, she would be able to analyze, deconstruct, and then reconstruct the language, thus learning to speak it—or at least be able to get my general message across.

They were very close to me now, and this was when the true actor began to shine. A tad bit overdramatically, although I honestly wasn’t that worried about it, I crashed through the last wave of foliage. Upon seeing the trio, I crashed to the ground in a limp pile, my body shook by fits of coughing. I was hoping that my performance would illicit the appropriate reaction.