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located in Forest, a part of Apple Pie and White Picket Fences, one of the many universes on RPG.


Ooo spooky. The town's surrounded by it.


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Character Portrait: Lola Goodman Character Portrait: Arlathina Dalisia
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Arlathina Dalisia

Almost immediately, Arlathina felt a plethora of supporting hands, patting her back and stroking her arms. The physical contact would have made her feel uncomfortable, but she let it slide due to the circumstances. "Shall I take her to my father? He is a doctor," Said a female voice. It sounded faint, like a whisper, although Arlathina could hear everything she was saying. A thought occurred. Why is she referring to me in the third-person while speaking directly to me? After noting that the thought came to her in the tongue of this new planet, Arlathina pushed the question to the back of her mind, and opened her eyes slightly. She gave the girl an itinerant stare, sizing her up in case she became a problem later on.

The girl leaning over her had a jovial and good-natured face, almost childlike. In her deep brown eyes, Arlathina could see wisdom and kindness. After scanning for a few more moments, Arlathina sensed her naivety, also noting the distinct odor of magic around that the less magically attuned might have missed. Whatever this being was, her origins were not of flesh. The girl, being, or whatever you preferred to call it, turned her attention away from Arlathina for a moment to speak to an unknown person. She could sense the presence of another powerful magic being behind her, but couldn't break her façade to investigate.

Instead, she said miserably, "Please..."--Arlathina paused to let out a fit of coughing.--"help me."