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located in Bellingstone, Pennsylvania, a part of Welcome to Bellingstone, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bellingstone, Pennsylvania



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Character Portrait: Caroline King Character Portrait: Annelise Laustsen Character Portrait: Sebastian Harding
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Seb hardly managed to hold himself back at Caro's remark about the stubbornness of Hunters. He could have easily lashed out at her, hit her sharply with his palm or with a fist for her comment. He didn't need some dog insulting him. The blood inside of him had boiled but then simmered down as he regained composure. After all, why was being stubborn a bad thing? It meant he was centered on the goal at hand which, he decided, was quite a good thing in fact.

But, as he was going to reply to her, the phone had rung and Sebastian picked it up with a neutral greeting that was as straight to the point as it could get. Still watching Caro from the corner of one gray eye, he listened to Annelise speak on the other line, straining to hear due to the poor quality of sound his own cell phone had.

"Th-There's a man.. In the front yard with Leighton. I can see them right now.. But I-I'm afraid if I go out there he'll grab her, and I don't...."

"You don't...?" Sebastian prompted, his brow furrowing deeply as Annelise relayed the news to him. Abruptly, he sat upright and gripped the edge of the desk, his eyes darting away from Caroline as his mind raced with the possible scenarios. Why would Leighton talk to a stranger? Hadn't he taught her not to? Hadn't he drilled that into her since she was young? His Adam's apple bobbed nervously in his throat.
"I don't think.. He's human." The words hit him like a blow to the stomach, causing his eyes to widen. Not human...? His gut churned, raising goose bumps along his arms which had been covered by the sheriff's uniform he wore. By then, Caro was scrawling something down on paper and then getting up to leave. Seb desperately tried to signal for her to stay, but she'd already left and the door closed. Alone now with his thoughts and the phone next to his ear, Seb shook his head.

"Annelise, listen to me, I need you to get her inside now," he urged, voice tense not with anger but with concern and fear, two emotions that had, most likely, been unheard in his voice before. In all honestly, nothing truly struck fear into Sebastian anymore. Now, he was merely fearing for the life of his niece. But, then he had shot a glance at the note and confliction arose in his gut. Should he go to the house now...or should he go to the bar and try to use this video in the hunting of Nika's killer? "Just...just get her inside and go somewhere safe. Lock the doors, lock the windows. Take some of my guns." His voice began to quaver, the insecurity of a boy sneaking into his words. His uncle had trusted him to watch Leighton and, if he failed, what kind of man would he be? Sebastian's fear of the man was quite real though the man was dead and rotting six feet under now. "I'm...I'm tied up right now, but I will be there as soon as I can, alright? Stay safe."

With that, he reluctantly pulled the phone away from his ear and slowly pressed on the "end call" button. An exhausted sigh exited his mouth as he stood and pushed his chair back, hand securing around the note on his desk. In what seemed like slow motion, Seb shrugged his suede jacket over his police uniform and unfolded the note to read.

Camera’s in bar. Meet me there in an hour.
Well, an hour did give him enough time to check on Leigh and Annelise. Hopefully, she'd get the little girl inside without a problem but, in case she didn't, Sebastian knew he had to prepare. Sliding a hand into the top drawer of his desk, Seb gingerly pushed up on the bottom of what should have been a fake drawer. Well, it was a fake drawer in appearance, but he'd decided on a much more practical use for it ages ago. From the inside of the fake drawer, he pushed out and the drawer slid toward him, displaying quite the collection of Hunter's equipment. Stakes of all different sizes and bullets of silver winked up at him in the light of the office. Grabbing at some of the most reliable and least bulky ones, Seb shoved them into his jacket and then closed the drawer again before he exited the room.

"I'm taking your car," he told the cop at the front desk who, in turn, handing the sheriff his car keys. "I'll make sure to bring it back." Without even stopping, he scooped the keys up and hurried down to the cop car. In a flash of movement, he pressed his foot to the pedal and it peeled out of the parking lot toward his home.

Sebastian reached the driveway much quicker than he usually would have and, as soon as he'd stopped the vehicle, he pulled the keys out and slid out of the driver's side. With one of the stakes in his hand, Seb walked toward the back door warily while his eyes flicked around the yard. It unnerved him to see no one out there but, perhaps Annelise had gotten her inside already. Roughly, he pounded a fist on the door and then quickly growled, "Annelise! It's Seb." Back to the door, he held the stake before him and edged toward where he'd left his Winchester, which he grabbed and loaded with a round of silver bullets.