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located in Bluffington, Minnesota, a part of Apple Pie and White Picket Fences, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bluffington, Minnesota

A delightful and wonderful town with a caring, dedicated community.


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Character Portrait: Cassius Krause Character Portrait: Leopold Pratt Character Portrait: Arlathina Dalisia
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”Now go hump a tree or something.” His glare was interrupted by a loud and ear-abrading noise. Which is unfortunate because that was a pretty impressive glare. Leopold, doing his best to look a mixture of irritated and sexy, the latter not that difficult considering, turned his glare to… Another elf. Nope. Nope nope. Two elves in one day? Leo needed another cigarette. “No way. I am having none of that. I’m outta here.” He lifted his arms and ducked his head before turning back to the path towards the lake. It was his ‘I-give-up/surrender-please-let-me-be-I’m-so-done’ pose.

Now he was going to the lake, hopefully uninterrupted, to bask on a sun warmed rock and watch the sun set (and hopefully maybe watch his favorite shirtless-nymph swim around). That was his intent anyways, until he walked straight into a fleshy blockade. Leopold stumbled back and threw his head up to find the receptor of much of his disdain; Cassius. His body was smeared in mud, it hung by clumps in his hair, leaves stuck out in impossible ways from improbable places, he looked utterly atrocious. Leo didn’t know whether he wanted to laugh or puke. He did neither, instead looking down at his own shirt. He blanched and a shrill and gaspy whine pulled itself from his throat. His shirt, his favorite white V-neck Solid! Smeared with ungodly mud and filth! Leo sputtered, tugging hopelessly at his shirt and pointed at the devil’s spawn. “I-you where’d- I- You!” Fucking hell! How could he face his hunky nymph looking like this? “You-you hooker!” His face flushed with anger and his face scrunched in unpleasant ways. The anger practically oozed from his soul and Leo wished uselessly for it to pierce through the witch’s body. And of course his ears chose that moment to twitch and shoo away the disgusting winged insects that infested the air. Leo wanted to stomp his hoof in frustration, he hated when they did that. It completely shattered his menacing appearance.

Leopold wanted to scream. Or cry. Or maybe both. Just, damn it all! All he wanted was to watch hot, dripping wet men in peace. Was that too much to ask‽