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Snippet #2443850

located in Bluffington, Minnesota, a part of Apple Pie and White Picket Fences, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bluffington, Minnesota

A delightful and wonderful town with a caring, dedicated community.


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Character Portrait: Cassius Krause Character Portrait: Leopold Pratt
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C a s s i u s

One moment I stood happily waiting for Finland to stop helping the elf lady, the next moment my face was smashed with hair and disgustingly perfumed horns. I stumbled back and gagged theatrically. Oh, it was the hipster looking moderately ruffled by my oh-so-sudden appearance. His features crumpled up into a nasty look and an ear-splitting noise erupted from him. I cringed. Why was the satyr so angry? I arched an eyebrow; eyes flicked over him…oohh, the mud that clung to me migrated onto his shirt. Eh, it gave the shirt more character.

“I-you where’d- I- You!” he spat out waves of anger crashing against me. Jeez. He needed to chill out.

“Me!” I exclaimed pointing at myself nodding. I grinned as if encouraging a toddler to recognize me. Leopold was hilariously fun to rile up and provided fantastic blackmail when he was angry. Too bad Finny had my cellular device blocking my ability to capture this wonderful moment photographically.

“You-you hooker!” he snarled, face crimson with fury that should alarm my sensible being, but the insult was laughable—I mean—I snickered a little. Scrapping some irritating dirt off my cheek, I flicked the residue onto his splotchy face with utter nonchalance.

“I don’t remember getting paid for having sex. I don’t remember having sex with anyone,” I furrowed my eyebrow in mock contemplation. Shaking my head, a few leaves fell to the ground. Man, I feel gross and in dire need of a shower—I wondered if Finland was done being a good citizen helping the “sick” person. The female elf’s aura sure didn’t feel tinted with illness.