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Snippet #2443898

located in Forest, a part of Apple Pie and White Picket Fences, one of the many universes on RPG.


Ooo spooky. The town's surrounded by it.


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Character Portrait: Cassius Krause Character Portrait: Leopold Pratt
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Oh, Leopold was going to kill him. He was absolutely going to kill him. Leo pictured himself reaching out and strangling the irritating witch and his inner voice laughed wickedly. No, no he was classier than that. Leopold Laemmle Pratt did not stoop to the level of lowly witch boys.

He smoothed down his shirt and let out a deep, shaky breath through flared nostrils. That’s better. No exploding veins today. Leopold opened his eyes, his anger barely contained by his haughty demeanor, and opened his mouth to let insults fly, only to have dirt fling onto his cheek. That little shit. That absolutely infuriating asshole. He tried to be calm, he really did. But now the insufferable prick had to die.

Leopold stomped forward, his face gone splotchy again, and began his attack on the witch. No he did not flail, his cat-fight slaps were skilled and graceful, thank you very much. “You motherfucking, goddamned, insufferable, irritating, fish-fucking, magic whore.” He barely got the words out between slaps. He was furious. With one last slap, Leopold stomped his hoof hard, barely missing a disgustingly bare fleshy foot, and shoved pass, “Get your virgin ass outta my way.” He was going to blog so hard about this.

In his haste he nearly ran into the genderless freak that basically clung to Cassius’s side. “Is the whole fucking town in this godforsaken forest‽” Leo wanted to pull his hair out. Well not really, he worked too hard to perfect it. No, he wanted to pull someone else’s hair out. Someone like Cassius. Yes that would be fantastic.

Leopold changed directions and stormed off, his hooves stomping a bit more forceful than strictly necessary. Oh, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on his pan flute. Cassius would so regret soiling his favorite shirt. He didn’t know what exactly he was going to make the witch do, but it would most likely be embarrassing and cause a life time of regret. Or maybe he’d just make the damn witch stub his toe repeatedly, or spill one of his potions all over his favorite shirt. Yeah, yeah that was perfect.

Leo hardly noticed he had arrived at the lakes edge, too busy brooding and plotting a witch’s end. He sat himself down on a sun-warmed rock and rested his arms on his furry knees. He glanced down at his hooves and let out a whiney sigh. Already caked in mud. He just couldn’t catch a break could he? Scooting forward, he dipped his toes in the chilled lake and began scrubbing the filth away.