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Tobias simply watched as "Max" came into the picture. Max, age 26? The western border head, though his fighting ability wasn't on par with the other border patrol head. The only thing he had going for him was probably his speed. With that profile done, he simply blinked and watch him take the hot chocolate from Rose.

Of course his stoic mask did not give away, as he watched the man continue to flirt with him. He did however, feel the need to tear him to shreds thanks to his wolf counterpart. But no, he'd have to wait for that...maybe if a spar was in order later in the day.

Janis was quite easy to read, along with Storm and Hara. Jealousy was something a leader should never have, yet a slight tug at his brain and possibly emotions indicated himself feeling it. He turned his back to the retreating couples, before simply looking back at them, trying hard to not keep his voice from a snarl.

"Have a nice trip." He stated simply, and flatly. He did however observe the man get blown off by his "loving gesture." With that said and done, he simple turned back into the building, though a slight scowl played on his face as he shut the door behind him, shielding the room from the light breeze of the winter wind. The town had grown quiet, thanks to the sudden departure of most people.

He made his way to the roof once again, sitting near the edge. He could hear the light noise of rumbling engines, and with that said, he drew a dagger from his side. Flipping it up and down, he watched his reflection in the blade. It reminded him when he was little. Shrugging off the unwanted memories, he flicked his dagger in the air before catching it.

An Alpha was supposed to care only about his pack. An Alpha lives and dies for his pack. An Alpha will sacrifice for the pack.

His father's rules rang out into his ear with a scowl from Tobias. Perhaps taking advice from a man six feet under was a bad choice. Tobias shook his head, watching as the last of the cars began to pull out.