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Snippet #2444497

located in Sherlockian Academy, a part of Keeping Secrets, Love?, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sherlockian Academy



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Character Portrait: Nicholas Palmer Character Portrait: Iridian "Anna" Fost Character Portrait: Ashton Brooks
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Typical, boring, predictable. It seemed every hour was the same. The same routine being played out daily. That was until the recent announcement of the missing principle. Maybe things were actually getting interesting at last.

Anna let out a sigh as she stood quietly among a small group of other students in front of the academy. Well, I say among but really she was more off the the side. She'd arrived to school quite early that day, or really that was something she did everyday. Anna was many things, but never late. And never absent.

In all honesty, the black-haired girl was actually a little excited for today. Only a little bit of course. There was no way something as trivial as the news of some transfers could cure her constant feeling of boredom. Maybe she felt a little excited, but surely not for that reason. Her sliver of excitement was merely the result in the new mystery that has enveloped her school. This was no ordinary case, after all. If there were any students at the school who couldn't comprehend that then they really had no right to be here. As for having to be partnered with an assistant...well Anna would have to get back to that frustrating topic in due time.

"Anna, heeey!"

Anna narrowed her eyes slightly at Nick as he approached her with a seemingly friendly greeting and that incredibly annoying smile of his.

"What's sup? You trying to get onto the case too? Sucks for you! With me and a partner, I could beat this case faster than you could say Ouch~!"

She crossed her arms over her chest and turned so she wasn't completely facing him.
"I'm not trying to get onto anything. There's no need for me to try. And I understand your lack in self-esteem makes you feel the need to try and prove yourself, but do you mind putting your urge to compete with me aside and shutting up for once?"

Pausing a moment to adjust her balance, Anna shifted her weight to her left leg before lifting her arms and gently running her fingers through her raven hair. With a swift movement she flipped the black strands away from her neck, the locks softly settling around her shoulders, and then crossed her arms over her chest once more. She glanced at her fellow student for a second, her expression dull, before moving her eyes in the opposite direction, not really looking at anything in particular.

"I only hope this Ashton boy that I'm to be partnered with isn't as irritating as you are."