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Snippet #2444583

located in Sherlockian Academy, a part of Keeping Secrets, Love?, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sherlockian Academy



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Character Portrait: Nicholas Palmer Character Portrait: Iridian "Anna" Fost Character Portrait: Ashton Brooks
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Image"No, Nya stop it." Ashton sighed for the at least tenth time. He was trying to get ready but his cat was very persistent in the attempt to eat his tie. Today was the day now students arrive and he wanted to get to the school gates a bit early but that wasn't likely if Nya kept slobbering over every single tie he pulled out of the drawer.

He took out a dark blue tie and and put it on the top of the dresser where Nya couldn't reach it. Ashton proceeded to button up his shirt when he noticed that the light in the bathroom was still on. He turned it off and heard a breaking sound, when he looked back at the rest of his room there was a sight to see.

Nya had somehow managed to climb up the curtains and jump onto the dresser, knocking down a lamp and was just about to reach his tie when he snatched it away. "I can't take you." He said compassionately scratched the cats head. I'm meeting the detective I'm paired up with today, I have to make a good impression. The cat purred as Ashton continued to pet her. "And we both know you'll just end up trying to eat her hair. He picked Nya up and put her on the bed. After arranging his tie and another glance to the mirror he was out the door.

I wasn't that late after all and he got to the school gates relatively early, it was only 7:15. He settled for a place a bit off from the crowd. He leaned onto the wall a few meters or so away from the gates and started inspecting the students that were slowly gathering. He wasn't all that interested in the missing principle case, mostly because he believed it to be a hoax. It must be just a welcome prank for the new students to give them a taste of what real mystery is like. Nevertheless he revised some last year lessons. What was it observe, locate target estimate distance and then take action or did he miss any steps? He was doing good on the observing part but locating Anna seemed to be causing him a problem and who could even concentrate with all this yelling.

Ashton turned towards the source of the unpleasant noise and discovered it was coming from Nicholas. That guy was always so very loud and seemed to love making a fool of himslef. He was apparently arguing with a black haired girl. She had her back turned towards Ashton so he couldn't get a good look at her face. Well, he might as well be polite and go say hello to Nicholas. At the girl's mention of his own name he stopped for a moment. Was this the mysterious Iridian he was to work with. He came closer to the pair and started speaking in a courteous manner. "And, with all due respect, I sincerely hope you're not this strident all the time."