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located in Chicago, Illinois, a part of Forever Bound to You, one of the many universes on RPG.

Chicago, Illinois



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Before Angel had awoken the next evening, Garth was already on the move. With the memory of last night still fresh in his mind - her kisses, her head and soft body resting on his, everything - Garth had slipped away from underneath her to prepare for their exit, gathering anything that had strayed throughout the room and packing his meager belongings away. His jacket was cleaned, along with his body, and he then donned a black t-shirt underneath of his leather jacket. His mind constantly drifted away form his work, however, as his thoughts kept going back to Angel. The future suddenly looked much more promising, and yet at the same time it also made him much more cautious. Angel had always meant a lot to him, but he put her at the same level as his leader - his feelings for her were one of patron and protector, not of lover and partner. This lofted Vani up above leader to something else, one that he would take any procaution necessary to protect from harm. Yet wasn't that what he did with his Leader? Garth's mind kept going in circles, but all he could come up with was the fact that Angel meant more to him than his own life.

Garth left the room completely to go to the top balcony of the boat, his thoughts restless and aggravated. He couldn't focus on much of anything, besides Angel. Yet he knew that these constant blithering thoughts always brought disaster upon the future: it happened with his love for Ado, and even with Aphrodite. So he knew he should control his thoughts for the best, and yet he also didn't want to. Part of Garth just wanted to let his mind soar with thoughts of happy nothings - but Garth refused to let that happen. Instantly he thought of ways of release, ways of distraction, to which he pulled out that infuriating black box society called a 'cellphone' and dialed a number. When a voice was finally at the other end, it was in a light and refreshing french. "Bonjour. C'est Monsieur Lefebvre. Monsieur Agnès est absent actuellement, je peux prendre un message?"

Garth almost smiled at his voice, but began to speak in his standard voice. "Matthew, c'est Garth. Nous chercher à la marina dans une heure, si vous voulez." The other end went silent for a second, before a quick laugh escaped the man before the return to sincerity. "Très bien, M. Agnes. Heureux de vous appeler avant de se présenter." Garth could sense the attempt to contain laughter in Matthew's voice, but he dismissed it as they began idle chat. Matthew Lefebvre was his butler of 15 years, after the death of his last butler - the kid had apprenticed under the latest butler for 3 years before taking the position. Through that time, Garth was skeptical that this boy would be a good butler - starting at the age of 10, he was a sassy kid from the start, and Garth was unsure of whether or not he would be able to tolerate him. However, the kid grew on him, and he even was able to reveal his true identity to the kid without it even fazing him. If he could recall and translate, Matthew simply stated: "Well, I've been with worse."

Nevertheless, Matthew was a good man, one that Garth really didn't want to have to replace. The idea had crossed his mind a few times to make him a vampire, but at the same time it wasn't a very good idea. Matthew expressed a mild interest in vampirism, so if he decided that he hated it, Garth would lose one of his few human friends. Back on track, Garth did not realize that he had talked with Matthew for quite a long time, and descended down the stares. Almost to the loading bay, Garth heard a call ringing out, and instantly his protective instincts fired up. Angel's voice was easily determined by his ears, and he found her instantly - and almost stopped dead. Her dress was stunning, and she herself was just as beautiful. A smile crept onto his lips as he made his way down the stares behind her, approaching her silently before he was right behind her. Reaching out, Garth seized her hips from behind and pulled them both together, his head now above her shoulder as he murmured. "It is hard for us to remain inconspicuous when you dress like a princess, my little one - the calling out of two different names probably doesn't help either." While his voice always remained monotonous, there was a rare hint of teasing in his voice. Something about Angel could put him in this mood, and he didn't mind it in the slightest.