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located in Bluffington, Minnesota, a part of Apple Pie and White Picket Fences, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bluffington, Minnesota

A delightful and wonderful town with a caring, dedicated community.


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Character Portrait: [NPC] Doctor Xavier Goodman Character Portrait: David LeFleur
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“You found an elf in the woods? Well, I'd be surprised if you hadn't. I'll be there soon, I've got some fresh honey just processed and ready to ship. I'll grab a bottle of that so your potion will be a bit more potent and then deliver it personally. Stretch the legs and all that. I'll be about... ten minutes. See you then.” After allowing Xavier to give some passing good-byes before hitting the 'End Call' button on the cordless phone, David left his desk in it's messy state and walked out the door into the employee lounge.

An unplugged air hockey table sat in one corner, unused for weeks and dusty as a result. Two old and worn couches sat near a television that showed nothing but the snow of static and a large icon showing that it had been muted. A lone employee, human by appearance and wearing the company vest with 'Mark' on the name badge, sat on one cushion and was slumped backward with drool slowly leaking from his mouth. David nudged the employee's foot with his own to rouse the sleeping youth, smirking as the boy woke with a start.

“That's for the princess,” he said, still half way in the dream. Looking around the room before finally seeing David, Mark remembered where he was and immediately looked nervous.

“Yes boss?”

“Mark, I'm going to be making a delivery to a Dr. Goodman. Anybody comes trying to find me, you tell them I'll be back in thirty minutes.”

“Uh, sure boss.” The boy, a new hire, looked nervous about the responsibility laid upon him but nodded in understanding.

David continued on into the storage area and plucked a bottle of honey from where the fresher batches were being stored before being shipped to fill orders across the state. The bottle was shaped like a Faun, specifically Pan playing his flute. That Pan would use his likeness as the bottle of his brand of honey still struck David as overly narcissistic to this day, but that wasn’t something you argued with the boss about. You just used the bottle and tried to make the best damn honey you could.

Finally reaching his car, David opened the trunk and removed a fold-up bicycle that he used for deliveries, putting the honey into a messenger bag and putting that over his shoulder. He mounted the bike and pushed off, heading for the hospital and towards Dr. Goodman. It was only a mater of minutes.