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located in A Sad, Sad Place, a part of Martyrium, one of the many universes on RPG.

A Sad, Sad Place



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Character Portrait: Zack Archer Character Portrait: Salis Hunar
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It was your average morning aboard the ship for a certain Tatari woman... or what passed for normal aboard the vessel. Salis pulled on a vest, hand reaching up to pull the braid out before she left her small living quarters, entering the infirmary of the less than infamous Second Horseman. The medical facility was easily one of the dodgiest that Salis had ever set her eyes on... but in retrospect, there weren't many that she had actually seen. A quick sweep of the place informed the woman that no one had rummaged through the medicines for their hangover cure, which meant that Archer was probably still passed out somewhere on the ship with whatever woman he'd found on the station they were docked at.

Rolling her eyes she walked about her area, cleaning up loose ends, eyes drawn to anything that she deemed out of place. Once complete Salis made her way towards the canteen, noting how, as usual, the hallways were filled with minimal activity. They didn't have a job to do, the Captain passed out somewhere on the ship and nothing better to do than throw tennis balls at the wall. But could you really expect something more... active from a mercenary group that could barely get its shit together long enough to do a job and get paid.... Not really, but they all hoped that it would.

As she entered the canteen and collected her breakfast, the appearance of the meal making her nose wrinkle slightly, a gesture she was getting used to, she noticed how empty and quiet the place was without people drinking and making more noise than should be considered healthy. It was a silence that the Tatari woman enjoyed above the sound of raucous and drunken laughter that seemed to permeate the air of the ship too often for her tastes.

She sat there long after her meal was finished, enjoying the rare quiet of the canteen. Archer had been going on an on about a super special job that they would be getting, he didn't say when or what the fuck it was... but he pressed the importance of the pay every chance he got. And Salis (with majority of the crew) had begun believing that this "job" was just a way for the Captain to keep the morale of the crew up... The longer the charade went on the more he was failing at it.

As noon neared Salis found herself wandering back to her infirmary, back to her domain. As usual, it was deserted save for herself. To keep herself busy, and by extent from going bat-shit crazy, Salis did an inventory check, opening every cupboard and draw in sight. It was during this menial and downright dull task Archer's hungover and relatively soft voice graced the airways with its message. She stared at the nearest speakers with a slightly amused expression until the job was mentioned. So Archer hadn't been full of shit when he'd been talking about it? Fuck, Salis probably owed the guy an apology now for not believing him earlier. As his message ended with a groan of pain Salis was quick to finish her job, closing everything she'd left ajar with a grin on her face.

They were off to another job... a job that, if Archer was to be believed, would pay very well. She just hoped it wasn't something that would get them killed.