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Snippet #2445600

located in A Sad, Sad Place, a part of Martyrium, one of the many universes on RPG.

A Sad, Sad Place



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Character Portrait: Jag Character Portrait: Rin-Naera Character Portrait: Zack Archer
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jag's fist slammed into the wall of her little room on the revenant well shit it wasn't even really a room the damn thing was more like the starboard observation deck of this dumb piece of shit boat but jag didn't have fucking time to dick around in the fucking quarters or whatever and besides this shit gave you like a real nice view of the stars n shit which was pretty cool but not right now cause she was pissed off as shit right now so anyway back to the whole punching the wall thing have you ever noticed just how fucking infuriating chairs are with their dumb fuckin little legs n shit they ain't even actually legs man they're just like little stick things sticking out of a gay ass platform or whatever the hell with that shit as far as jag was concerned chairs were just for pussies who were too spineless to stand or some shit frankly that whole thing made more sense the less jag thought about it

wait shit she'd been pissed off about something before she'd been pissed off about chairs wait yeah i remember now she'd been pissed off cause she'd been punching the walls again and that shit left a whole bunch'a gay little cavities in the metal surface of the starboard observation wall and archer probably didn't appreciate that shit but man fuck that little cunt dude had dumb grey hair and dumb red clothes who the fuck has grey hair anyway i mean besides like old humans apparently but fuck old humans those dumb shitheads lived like sixty years or some shit before dying a shitty ol death or whatever not like jag cause jag was a fuckin noxchi so she was totally gonna live like a thousand years or some shit wait are you tellin me i'm gonna have to deal with this shit for another thousand years


she slammed her fist into the wall again and goddammit she made another fucking hole what the shit man and goddammit the dumb little cavities weren't even like aesthetically pleasing or whatever so she didn't even and all of a sudden she was soaring over the battlefield awaiting the airdrop as the echoes of gunfire and explosions and cries of death and agony the harmonies of carnage inglorious and beside her the other widowmakers were readying their guns but she didn't have to cause she'd had her shit ready for ages now and as the military transport reached the objective, the widowmakers hurled themselves from the ship and down to the ground jag herself at the helm alighting amidst the thick of battle with outsider forces all around and without hesitation as thermal rounds pinged off their armour and their shields simply ate the laser bursts that hurtled in from all sides the widowmakers took to producing widows anew hehe yeah that'd been a fun as shit battle but fuck now she was back in the gay ass little starboard observation with a whole bunch of new craters in the walls


jag reared her fist back again to make a new hole in the wall to be pissed off as shit about when archer's stupid shitty voice filtered in through the ship-wide intercom system which only pissed jag off all the more because i dunno it was probably gonna be some totally inane shit anyway and yeah apparently the dude had just woken up which wasn't surprising cause that asshat probably spent all the previous night drinking his brain to shit because humans were fuckin dumb as shit all like yeah i should totally drink this shit that turns me into a fucking dumbass well even more of a dumbass than i already was which was probably a lot cause humans are pretty much born with skulls full of nothing but dead flies and maybe like one brain cell that managed to get through that enables them to not forget how to breath or whatever

but anyway that was all pretty irrelevant apparently they had a job which jag knew not to get all excited about cause it was probably gonna be some real asinine as shit bullshit like hey i'm too lazy to take this dumb useless thing that absolutely nobody needs and nobody gives a shit about from here to some other shitty place so i'm gonna hire a bunch of heavily armed mercenaries to do it for me instead of getting the fuck off'a my ass and doin it myself cause i'm a dickface was dickface a real thing cause man that woulda been one shitty ass mutation or whatever and fuck her skull was fucking bursting with pain even more than usual made her just wanna tear a fucker's spine out of their back and then strangle them with it but wait shit they probably woulda died the second she tore their spine out the dumb fuckin cun

a rapping at the door to the starboard observation deck drew jag's attention "for fuck sake i don't give a fucking shit fuck off dickface" but then she decided what the fuck ever so she turned around and slammed her fist into the opening mechanism but she had sense enough at least not to do it too hard cause last time she'd broken the dumb fuckin opening mechanism that shitstain of a human cunt archer had taken funds outta her pay to pay for it but then again he'd also done that to repair the holes left over from the last time she'd gotten pissed off in the starboard observation "GOD FUCK--"

Ah. So it was Rin, then. Jag fell silent mid-snarl as she turned her glare to the Minagora, one eyebrow raised, her broad shoulders relaxing somewhat and the fury twisting at her mien abating almost immediately. At Rin's very presence, that all-encompassing vehemence, even the constant internal anguish that fuelled it... was alleviated, if only slightly. Enough for the memories and the thoughts and the sights and the sounds and the sensations to stop assaulting her at every second, like an army laying siege to a fortress that, for all its pretenses of inexorable might, was gradually wearing away. Jag exhaled the first free, easy breath she'd managed in what felt like years, and stepped away from the door in case Rin wanted to come in or some shit. Fuck if she knew. Maybe she just wanted to come here and make sure Jag had heard Archer's dumb as shit hungover little announcement or whatever.

"Yeah?" Jag's voice emerged as a hard rasp, the sorta voice you'd'a figured would come out of a throat that had a bunch of razor blades shoved down it or some way metaphorical shit like that or whatever.