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located in A Sad, Sad Place, a part of Martyrium, one of the many universes on RPG.

A Sad, Sad Place



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Character Portrait: Zack Archer Character Portrait: Aranoth
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Having little else to do, Aranoth was at the terminal in his quarters, since there were only so many times that he could run a maintenance check on the Revenant's systems, be they engines, gravity control, or life support. While he had no need for sleep, Aranoth enjoyed having his own room. It offered privacy, as well as a place to call home. Granted, one with very unusual neighbours, but that was neither here nor there.

What Aranoth was doing at his terminal, for the nosy types who wish to know, was research. The usual stuff. Finding out things about the behaviour of organic life. Of all the duties he had, Aranoth held this one above almost all others. However, said research was interrupted when a rather bleary message was delivered over the intercom. Well, that answered the question of when Captain Archer was going to wake up, as well as when they were going to be doing that big important job he had been talking about for so long.

Rising from his seat, the Xilass exited his quarters, locking the door with the control panel. Assuming the Captain would require him to navigate the ship, Aranoth walked down the corridors to the front end of the Revenant, where the flight controls were located, and waited outside the room. Upon reaching his destination, he called Archer on his built-in communicator. "I have reached the cockpit, Captain Archer. If you wish, I can plot a course to Alta Jarvis." Going on the fact that the Captain was having another hangover, it was likely that Aranoth would have to pilot the Revenant.