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located in A Sad, Sad Place, a part of Martyrium, one of the many universes on RPG.

A Sad, Sad Place



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Character Portrait: Rin-Naera Character Portrait: Salis Hunar
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The Tatari woman sat behind her small desk, its surface littered with her inventory check. A frown worked its way onto her face, there was nothing unusual for there to be a lack of medical supplies on the Revenant, hell, it was expected. But this... this was worse than usual, she'd have to bring it up with the Minagoran, Rin, when she next saw her. Hopefully Jag wouldn't be present, if Salis was completely honest, the Noxchi woman scared the living shit out of her. She always felt like the woman would punch her.. or rip out her throat... should she not move out of her way quickly enough.

Salis shuddered at the thought and decided to push the thought out of her mind and returned her attention to the papers scattered across the table. The lack of funds going into the infirmary was probably Archer's fault... the entire ship didn't have anything but bloody chilli dogs to eat for the past week since Archer put such a large portion of the budget into his favourite food.

Oh, their wise and gracious leader...

She finished looking through their meager medical supplies and filed the paperwork away. She would talk to Archer about it, but everyone and their mother knew that the man hated talking finances and that was reason enough for him to shove his responsibilities onto poor Rin. Reaching over to the hollophone she pulled up Rin's number, quickly dialing it.

It rang a few times, the moment that the Minagoran answered Salis was speaking, "Hey Rin, I hope you're not to busy, but is it possible that I could talk to you about the state of the medical supplies?"

She hoped that she wasn't, with the supposedly huge payment that would be coming in with this job, Salis wanted to make sure that the infirmary got its fair share of he payout.