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located in A Sad, Sad Place, a part of Martyrium, one of the many universes on RPG.

A Sad, Sad Place



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Jag stepped back a bit out of the threshold and into her quarters, in case Rin wanted to come in herself, but the little Minagora merely lingered back at the door, smiling in that strange way that sorta... Fuck if Jag really knew how to put it in words. Sure, she could recite every Wilde poem off the top of her head and Sexton verses came to her as easily as breathing, but nevertheless, Jag didn't deal in words. Mostly, she dealt in killing the ever-loving fuck outta shit. Which was way more fun than trying to put shit into words. Also way easier. Putting shit into words wasn't exactly a skill highlighted in the trials back when Jag'd been a little piece of shit fresh outta the gestation chambers, a specimen of physical might and cerebral malignity even before she knew her own name and place. Mostly back then it was all about killing the ever-loving fuck outta shit. And that was a life skill that'd served her a hell of a lot better throughout her century and a quarter of existence than putting shit into words, so, uh... yeah, stick that shit in your fuckin' pipe 'n smoke it.

Jag actually had no clue what she was talking about right now, she just really, really liked the shit outta that expression.

More importantly, with all of the above having occupied Jag's skull for all of about a half a second, Rin had spoken up, so Jag shut up about words and pipes and smoking and whatnot or whatever to pay attention to the little Minagora. "Just checking in on you," she reported brightly, much as could be expected-- if any of the dumb cunts on this piece of shit tub could be expected to go around just randomly checking in on people, it was Rin. er wait hang on hang on not to imply that rin was one of the dumb cunts or anything no that wasn't-- if there was anybody on this ship-- shit, anybody Jag could think of in general-- who was totally not a dumb cunt, then it was definitely Rin. Jag'd said that to her before, but from Rin's reaction she had gathered that telling someone they weren't a dumb cunt didn't really work as a compliment, which Jag really didn't get, 'cause it sure as hell sounded complimentary as shit to her, but then, the hell did she know?

wait fuck now i'm just babbling again what the shit

"Really, you-- eh." Something seemed to have caught Rin's attention-- Jag followed her gaze to the holes in the wall. "Glad to see you're as strong as ever!" the Minagora exclaimed happily, managing to find a way to look pleased with a turn of events that Jag was well aware got on the Minagora's nerves. ... wait shit I shoulda thought'a that before I went and did it again. fuck some shitty ass friend she was couldn't even stop herself doin shit she knew would piss rin off-- just made her even more pissed off at herself for her neglect-- couldn't help but clench her hands into fists and feel the urge to just punch another hole in these stupid fuckin walls just to vent her dissatisfaction with herself but wait that woulda been even more fuckin stupid of her goddammit she kept fuckin up made her just wanna punch a fuckin wall or

... wait. goddammit.

Rin's voice sorta brought Jag back into reality, fortuitously. "I'm about to go and pilot the ship again," she remarked, fluttering on back through the threshold into the hall. Jag couldn't help but feel a little put out-- kinda hoped Rin would stick around, y'know. But it couldn't be helped that Archer was too much of a cunt to hire an actual fuckin' pilot. Well, actually, it probably could be helped. Maybe if I put him in a headlock until he acquiesced. But... naw, that shit wouldn't work. Last time she'd tried that, she'd accidentally... uh, broken the person in question. Fuckin' runts, eh? Even those goddamn lizards like that shithead Pratix were less fuckin' useless than humans. But then they also had that whole retarded as shit 'DEATH BEFORE DISHONOUR ALL HAIL THE COLLECTIVE FUCK YEAH EXCESSIVE RULES AND OVERBEARING GUIDELINES' or whatever, so pretty much, runts and lizards were about as useless as any other race.

And then people called Jag racist when she said the galaxy woulda been so much better off if the Noxchi just enslaved all the other races and took shit over.

"You heard Archer on the speakers, right?" Rin continued, forcing Jag to stop thinking about whatever she'd just been thinking about that she'd completely forgotten about the second she stopped thinking about it. "Do you mind preparing the weapons for me? Moderate to light arms, I don't think this will necessity anything too major."

Jag gave a grunt that sounded somewhere between 'aye' and an extremely filthy Noxchi swear word, and with that and a typically vibrant farewell, Rin was off. Jag tried not to let her departure distress her too much, but she couldn't help but feel as soon as the Minagora left her line of sight that she had passed somewhere out into... into... elsewhere somehow. She knew that was bullshit and Rin was just around the corner, logically speaking she knew that, but... how could she possibly be certain of what she couldn't see? She just... couldn't be. Anything that wasn't directly within reach was just too intangible, too.... ambiguous, lost in a haze. A haze the mere contemplation of which provoked discontent and doubt in Jag-- she'd used to be able to fathom that strange void...

Shaking her head, clinging to some vestige of control, Jag repeated in her head-- get the weapons ready. Something for her to fixate on. Anchor her. Avoid losing track of herself. Avoid thinking about the holes in the wall and how they'd pissed off Rin and how that probably made Jag a really shitty friend and shit she probably shoulda offered to let rin take it outta her pay or some shit to fix it cause that fuckin shithead archer kept spending their money on hot dogs or some shit the fuck was up with that anyway why the fuck were they called hot dogs they weren't even goddamn dogs for fuck sake they were like little sausage things in a bun and they tasted shitty anyway especially with that weird chilly shit archer slathered all over it which also didn't make any sense cause that shit wasn't fucking chilly at all for fuck sake people were so incredibly stupid it consistently baffled jag that they managed to jut exist without incurring brain damage from the effort of doing so

... wait.