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located in Bellingstone, Pennsylvania, a part of Welcome to Bellingstone, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bellingstone, Pennsylvania



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Character Portrait: Caroline King Character Portrait: Isabella Gabrielle Clarke Character Portrait: Nikolai Lannister
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"Oh, I am not only hoping for it, I'm counting on it." Nikolai words caused a shiver to travel down Caroline’s spine, the fine hairs on her arms prickled as the coolness of his macabre tones resounded within her. She watched him like a deer caught in head lights, transfixed, petrified, had she had sense perhaps Caro would have tried to run, but a part of her still knew how useless that would be, unless she transformed there was no chance that she could take on this vampire. Staring into his eyes, Caroline felt as if she were staring at death itself. Now there hadn’t been many moments in her life where she had felt truly terrified, felt like her life could be gone from her at any second, but right now she knew that her moments were numbers. What could she do? Pray to a god that she wasn’t exactly sure existed? Hope that somehow Sam could hear them down the phone and come to her rescue? Plea to this monster in a bid to spare her life? No, most certainly not, she was many things, but Caroline King was not a coward, she would face whatever was coming to her with dignity, that much was certain.

“They are going to enjoy tearing you to pieces.” Caroline spoke rather uncharacteristically, the harsh tones sounding foreign on her tongue, she wasn’t prone to speaking so candidly but it was true. The pack…Sam was going to shred him to pieces and she would not feel any pity for the man who took her away from Sam, from them all. Suddenly all her thoughts were blurred together as he approached her, his long fingers wrapping around the collar of her shirt. The moments following were further blurred, for when she next opened her eyes, Caroline lay on the floor beside her bar groaning in pain. She gasped for air as her head throbbed from colliding with the hardened floor; however what pained her most was a warm sticky feeling coming from her side. Whimpering, Caroline reached down and pulled a large splinter from her side and dropped it beside her. She groaned seeing the vampire appear above her, the salacious grin still present on his features. It was haunting and damned unfair that his face may be the last thing she may see.

"You wolves are all alike, you know....think you are so far higher in God's graces than we fiendish vampires are...but let me fill you in on a little secret, dog. God made man in his image and therefore vampire in his image. You were built in the image of a canine, a beast meant to serve man… Deep down, you know this to be true. You long to serve in your rightful place. To kneel to subjugation. I will make the servants out of your pack members that they were born to be and will be the first vampire to possess supernatural guard dogs." There wasn’t much that Caroline could comprehend about his words, her mind drifted in and out of a haze, but the words she did hear were enough to cause a hoarse chuckle to escape her lips. “You really as pretentious as they come, aren’t you?” she grumbled, “we may be dogs but we are loyal to each other to the very end, to love and cherish…oh but you wouldn’t know a thing about it, would you? Because at the end of the day you force people to become like you and that’s left for your little play things, is resentment, towards you.” For the first time, Caroline looked past Nik towards the red haired woman, “she could never love a monster like you.” Came her final hiss.