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located in New Forest, a part of Opposites Collide, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Forest



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Character Portrait: Tristan Noble Character Portrait: Paige Wentworth
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"Come on! It's only three, just think of all the souls we could ruin in one more hour, Paige!" Her friend, Damon told her with the rest of her coven nodding their heads, trying to get their friend to not go home just yet. Paige just shook her head before smirking. "I would love to but, I have class tomorrow and I can't miss the test. Besides, I have drunk enough blood for the night, trust me I'm good. But, you guys go ahead and have fun draining the poor and innocent people of this town." Her friends crackled, the laugh could be heard from miles away in the woods where most of them lived. Paige lived alone but, she wasn't far from her coven that she has been with for the past 500 years. "You know it, we're going to! We'll see you tomorrow, love." Damon said before kissing her cheek and walking off with the rest of the large coven. She leaned against a wooden bean on her porch as she listened to them cackle one more time before vanishing in to the darkness, back into the city. She sighed before opening her door and entering her house, turning on the kitchen light just to grab a bottle of wine before turning the lights right back off as she ran to her room upstairs.

She went directly to her study where she had all her books and papers spread out over the large wooden desk with the desk light on. She scooted into her black chair before she went back to study for her exam in medicine.

It wasn't long until, her phone vibrated waking her up from her sleep on her desk. She rose her head up seeing it was from Damon, saying what she missed since they left her to go to the city. All the humans that screamed, how close they were to getting exposed because of one newborn. But, of course, he put an end to the traitor just as quickly as he started the young man's life as a vampire. She chuckled before tossed her phone back down and running her hand through her blonde hair until she could feel something thick and dry; dried blood. "Great." She huffed to herself as she got up and entered her bathroom in order to get the blood of her victim out of her hair. That would have been bad if someone would have seen the red in her hair.

She started the water and jumped into the scolding water, not feeling how hot it truly was. She was in the shower when she began hearing something or someone downstairs and from the sound of it, they were in her kitchen. But, nonetheless they were in her territory and no one was allowed in her territory without her say so. She grabbed her robe and turned the water off before quietly making her way down her wooden stairs without making a single sound. Getting her fangs out and licking them, knowing that she was about to kill someone or at least beat the human near to death. It was half way down the stairs that she smelled who it was; a wolf. Just what she needed. But, her coven had a rule that unless the dogs attacked or looked like they were about to, they wouldn't or couldn't kill them. Or face punishment.

She looked in her kitchen, seeing a man with dark black hair sitting down at her kitchen table eating Damon's leftovers from when they went out for an actual meal other than human blood. She went right behind him and grabbed by his neck, pinning him to the wall, her grip tightening the longer she looked at the man. "Who are you? And why the Hell are you here, you... mutt."