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He tore through the chicken like it was his last meal, well it probably would be at least a full meal not just scraps. Most of the meat was gone just a few bits of meat left on the bones which was always great to chew on. He gnawed on a chicken leg for a few moment before the bone finally gave way and he chewed it thoroughly for a good few minutes. He checked the wound to his chest, it was still bleeding the blood dripping down to the floor of the kitchen, it would take a while to heal but as long as he kept his energy up with food and a little bit of rest he would be okay in a few days. There was just the trouble of getting the bullet out and he had no idea how deep it was lodged in. Growling lightly he poked at the wound with his finger and a sharp pain darted through his body, he panted lightly blinking to halt the drowsiness he felt.

Tristan grunted as someone pulled him up and slammed him against the wall, his head smacking against the wall. As well as his shoulder causing a shudder of pain to crunch into his chest burning through his body. He growled deeply but it was cut short as a cold hand gripped him around his neck tightly. His eyes flew open locking on the fangs revealing his attacker. A Vampire. She spoke as her grip grew even tighter. She was strong he had to admit that but so was he.

"Who are you? And why the Hell are you here, you... mutt."

He moved quickly grabbed her hair and pulling it sharply, as well as punching her in the ribs a few times even scratching at certain points. He swept his leg from under hers tripping her over and placing his foot on her throat pressing slowly as he responded.

" I'm just getting my fill, then leaving. Leech."

Tristan had killed a fair few vampires in his time at the forest, sometimes it was just in self defense when they had attacked him because of what he was. Othertimes it was killed or be killed. That was the way it was. Vampires and Werewolves had enough power to seriously injure their opponent but those kind of wounds could heal, it was a bite that was fatal something ou didn't want as well as a life in the dark.