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located in North America, a part of Alpha & Omega: Mates, one of the many universes on RPG.

North America



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Rose just nodded her head and gave out a small yawn. She was saddened that Tobias had pushed her away but that one moment when he hugged her back made her think there was hope for a relationship with him after all. "Goodnight" Rose said to everyone before heading to her home and going to bed.

------------The Next Day-------------

Rose's green eyes flickered open to the bright sun streaming in through her blinds and she blinked twice before yawning and sitting up in bed. Today was December 21. At the thought her happy features faded to dull and saddened. Sighing Rose glanced at the clock to see it was 8:00am and got out of bed, throwing her curly light hair into a braid and putting on warm, comfortable clothing and grabbed what she needed and put it in her bag. Rose was quick to get out the door and into the crisp winter morning. Glancing around she saw not many people were out and about yet, probably all tired from the night before. She shifted into her white wolf form and ran into the tree's. Her destination was a good 4 hour run from the town so Rose had to leave early. She was 40 minutes away from town when she saw the border patrol making their rounds. Rose stopped as they walked up to her.

"May we ask where you are going today?" a dark brown wolf asked, Rose thinks his name is Cameron.

"I have business in the far reaches of the Alaskan territory" Rose said simply and the wolf gave her a questioning look before stepping out of her way, Rose was about to leave when he spoke up again.

"Does the Alpha know?" Cameron questioned and Rose shot him an irritated look.

"No he doesn't" she snapped before taking off.

"Please be careful we haven't surveillanced that area yet so there could be rouges!" Cameron shouted as he watched Rose's receding snow white figure. Rose just huffed and kept up her fast pace.

Over the long trip she stopped to hunt and rest. It was 1:00pm before she finally arrived at her destination. Quickly she shifted forms and stopped at the rusty metal fence. The high pitched squeal of the hinges as Rose pushed open the gate echoed through the abandoned area. The untouched snow crunched under her as she made her way to the frost covered stone tombstone. Rose kneeled down in the snow in front of the two graves and wiped the frost away.

Morgan, Alexander, Knight
Beloved Father and Brother
Skilled Hunter
He will be greatly missed
February 4th 1977 - December 21 2004
Allie, Rosalinda, Knight
Beloved Mother
Skilled Huntress
She will be greatly missed
September 18th 1978 - December 21 2004

That was all her pack would say for her parents. Even after they gave their lives to protect the pack that was all her cheap sorry excuses her an Alpha would get for them. The stone itself wasn't even nice looking, all it was is grey stone that she started to chip away. Today marked the day of her parents death and just like every year since that unfaithful day she had come to see them. Reaching into her bag Rose pulled out 2 white lilies, her parents wedding flower. She wiped away the snow and placed the flowers in front of the graves and bowed her head and folded her hands together sending a little prayer. Reaching into the collar of her shirt Rose took out the hidden gold chain. Her parents wedding rings hung from the chain. The item had always brought her comfort. The crunching of snow behind her altered Rose someone was here and she stood up and turned around only to be met by a friendly face.
"Nonno, Nonna, Zio Cosa stai facendo qui" Rose spoke, the Italian language she had been taught long ago following from her fluently as she looked at her relatives.

"Caro nipote pensi avremmo perso la tua mamma e papà anniversario?" her grandma asked, her sweet loving voice almost bring Rose to tears as she rushed into her families arms. Her Grandma instantly took her in a warm hold as she hugged Rose.

"Cara Rosa non piangono ci mancano di" he grandpa rough voice said into Rose's ear. It was so familiar Rose had forgetten how much she had missed her family. But the joy faded as a thought crossed her mind and Rose's head shot up.

"Aspetta questo non è più Autunno Pacchetto dobbiamo andare al mio nuovo Alpha e richiedere il permesso per visitare oppure lui vedrà voi come ladri" Rose said in a panicked voice but her relatives didn't look phased.

"Poi andiamo a soddisfare questa nuova Alpha allora ok?" he Uncle Sergio said smiling as he shifted into his smoky grey wolf. Her grandpa followed after turning into a white and dark grey wolf and finally her grandma shifted into her white wolf with a silver spot over both of her eyes. All Rose's family had the same silver eyes when they shifted into wolf and were all similar colors yet Rose was the only pure snow one. Nodding Rose shifted as well and they started making there way back to town. All of Rose's family lived in Italy, which is where Rose herself was born. It was very rare to see them and the only time they came around was the day of her parents death, because that was the only time they were allowed. Her grandfather was the Beta in the Luna Cosa pack, when he was younger but he is now retired. Her grandma is a healer and her Uncle Sergio is Luna Cosa Pack's third in command. Rose prayed Tobias would be ok with her family visiting.They arrived at the town at 7:00pm but Rose made sure to stop outside of the village. Taking in a deep breath she howled, calling for the Alpha and other's.

"Nonno, Nonna, Zio Cosa stai facendo qui" = "Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle What are you doing here"
"Caro nipote pensi avremmo perso la tua mamma e papà anniversario" = "Darling granddaughter do you think we would miss your mom and dad's anniversary"
"Cara Rosa non piangono ci mancano di" = "Dear Rose don't cry we miss them to"
"Aspetta questo non è più Autunno Pacchetto dobbiamo andare al mio nuovo Alpha e richiedere il permesso per visitare oppure lui vedrà voi come ladri" = "Wait this is no longer Autumn Pack we must go to my new Alpha and request permission for you to visit or else he will see you as rogues"
"Poi andiamo a soddisfare questa nuova Alpha allora ok?" = "Then let us go meet this new Alpha then ok?"