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While he enjoyed but every single delicacy known to his kingdom in the royal castle, as well as partaking in various balls, meetings and events that the lower classes could only dream of, Jacob loved escaping the confines of his own home and walking the streets of the common man. He stuck out like a sore thumb, sure, but due to his lack of public appearances, only a select few people below the high class could recognize him. So, on the rare occasion that he was questioned for looking so different, he simply lied and feigned to be a duke or other individual of high class.

He told not the people that he was indeed their prince.

By now, the men and woman who walked the streets he was on could recognize him as 'that higher class man', and they offered their own theories as to why he bothered down her. Was it to look at the less fortunate and laugh? Did he have important and illegal meetings down here? Or maybe a mistress he wouldn't want his family to know about? He occasionally heard the gossip about himself and would often chuckle. The poorest of people always happened to be the most fun. They were not stuck-up or spoiled, like the people in the castle, and nobody expected him to do something. He always did have to look forward to getting yelled at as he returned, but to him it was most certainly worth the ear he paid.

So he walked along with the crowd, people seperating themselves but a bit because they probably felt uncomfortable being so close to a high-class individual. He knew that the spoiled higher class often punished poor for any simple mistake, and though he despised it, he hadn't the ability to change such things yet. He was but a prince, and that's all he'd be for quite a while. He never had the responsibilities he wished he did, but he did have some. Maybe that is why he enjoyed taking a break and walking with the people - his people who he'd come to lead one day.