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located in Birmingham, England, a part of She Stole My Heart, one of the many universes on RPG.

Birmingham, England



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"Target spotted, Scout."

I looked up from the floor of the van, a smirk finding its place on my lips. I said nothing but my heart began to race, to the point where I could hear and feel it without placing a hand to my chest. There was always something about the thrill of capturing targets that filled me with such an overwhelming sense of joy and excitement. It was sort of hard to describe to others. My smirk faded and my expression went impassive as I stood, attempting not to let the motion of the moving vehicle cause me to fall. I made my way over to the front where the driver and passenger seat were located. I took a seat and shifted my gaze in the direction of Kev, my own personal assistant. He was an attractive young man, with a head of bronze hair that fell scruffily down his forehead and pale blue eyes. Most would find him unbelievably attractive, but I had worked with him since I'd started and I had a hard time viewing him as anything besides a brother figure.

"Did you want someone else to grab the girl?" he asked, analysing my expression closely. I couldn't help but smile. "No, I'll do the honours," I said whilst shaking my head some. I shifted around in my seat to face the front, my eyes scanning the sidewalk for the target. We were drawing closer just as she turned into an alleyway, which had me smirking without me even realising it. "Stop just a little way away from the alley, so that she won't get too suspicious." Kev did as I asked and as soon as the van stopped, I got up to collect my equipment. I was pretty damn sure that she was nothing more than just an average girl but I'd been taught from an early age to never underestimate an enemy. I scanned each piece of equipment for a brief while, pondering my options. I had to be quick, lest she get home before I could grab her.

After another short while, I grabbed what appeared to be a pillow case or potato sack of some sort, a pair of handcuffs and my Beretta 92 just in case. "Good luck, Scout. Don't get into any trouble, yeah?" Kev said from the passenger seat and I scoffed lightly. "When do I ever get myself into trouble?" I asked and he laughed aloud. With that, I strapped the gun to my hip and walked out of the van carrying the sack and the handcuffs. Silently, I made my way down the alleyway. I was notorious amongst other agents as being deadly silent on my feet, which was sort of ironic because I could be clumsy as anything if you strike a chord with my emotions. I rarely ever became flustered but that didn't mean it never happened. With each second, I was getting closer and closer. I lowered myself a bit just as I came up behind her, and quickly threw the bag over her head. I tied it as quick as I could whilst I shifted my own legs to trip her up, sending her flying into the ground below us. I lowered myself so that I was hovering just above her, while she had her front pressing into the ground. As I had the chance, I cuffed her hands and pulled my gun from its holster, aiming it at her head. "Gotcha, bitch," I said triumphantly, with a grin.

I felt a hand on my shoulder but I needn't be worried because I knew it was only one of the several other members of my team, who had been in the van with me and Kev at the time of hunting the target. Now we had her, and they had me to thank for that. Like I had previously expected, she wasn't much of a threat and was an easy kill, so to speak. I stood up properly, handing my gun off to one of the others. "Put her in the van," I ordered and they did as I asked. I returned to the van and was greeted by Kev, who held a massive smirk on his face. I couldn't fight the urge to return it, as much as I disliked my own grin. "Well done," he said, standing up so that he could ruffle my long brown hair. I frowned up at him and swatted his arm, before we both resumed our previous seats and waited for the girl to be lifted into the van before we took off.

"When we return to the Base, I want her sedated and taken up to the guest room. Remove the handcuffs, the sack and lie her down in bed, do you understand?" I said, shortly after turning to face the other team members. They all nodded and I smiled gratefully at them. "Thank you." With that, Kev started the van and we set off for the Base. I let out a breath of relief. Another successful mission to add to the list.