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Rosemary continued to scan the crowd, her stomach growling once more. She stood for a bit more, before finally deciding on someone. It was a male- who looked as if he were an upperclassman; meaning he had money. He didn’t seem too cautious, like most of the others around this part of town. Upperclassmen always tended to be less cautious, maybe because they felt they were too rich to be robbed, or perhaps they were so unused to it, that they never even thought of the chance of them getting robbed. The reason, Rosemary would never know, but upperclassmen have proven to be the easiest- and most rare targets. Which made them just as exciting to rob. Yes, it wasn’t only the money that motivated Rosemary to ‘borrow’ from people, but also the thrill of robbing them, and the hilarity of the thought of when they find out later on. It’s even better when you’re there to witness it- but she tries to avoid people she has robbed. It never ends well.

Rosemary emerges from the protective shadows of the house, and twists through the crowd, slowly making her way over to this upperclassman. As she made her way over, she was contemplating whether she was going to swing by him, and swipe some coins from his pocket without even making eye contact, or if she was going to catch his attention by asking him a question of some sort, so she could take something from him while she talked, then just walk away with her prize. This was always a downside with upperclassmen, usually people keep their distance from them, so they get suspicious when you walk so close to them. Yet, they also get suspicious when you actually talk to them…So, both ways, they get suspicious, which was a problem. She decides to actually talk to him, since just walking by would bring the chance of him noticing her hand actually in his pocket.

“What is an upperclassman like you doing in this part of town?” Rosemary asks, as she finally reaches him. Her voice had a dark ring to it, and it was rather sly.