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Sitting cross-legged on the cold concrete lunch tables in a meditative pose, he watched Aliza flounce out of the school, her petite blonde figure seeming to wander, her face lost in thought.
"Hey Alice! Where you headed?" Though she seemed blissfully unaware of him. As he unfolded his long legs, the soft fabric of his middle eastern "poofy pants" caressing his skin, he followed after her at a leisurely pace, his bottoms swishing like a princesses gown. He followed her onto the grass, which kissed his bare feet and a crooked smirk seemed to light on his face as the blades hooked beneath his toes.
"Aliza Kingsley, skipping class again?" He leaned over her, her blonde hair cascading over the lawn of green. His eyebrows were raised, slightly mocking. Alcinder hadn't been to a single class in a month, though he still hung around the school to meet up with his haunts. Out from a breast pocket in his grey t-shirt he produced a lighter and a joint, which he placed in his mouth and lit, the tiny flame burning the paper and cannabis instantly. He smiled as he inhaled, holding in the smoke as the high hit his brain. He leaned against the knobby tree for support, smiling down at the girl before him once again. "Oh darling, before you know it, you'll end up like me. With your attendance they might kick ya' right out." He sneered down at her, his lips parted in a half smile almost as he laughed lightly to himself, taking another inhale of the joint. Finishing, he stamped it into the grass to extinguish the tiny burning ember. He sunk to his butt beside her and crossed his legs once again, loosing them in the folds of his pants. He himself was lost in thought as he followed her gaze to the sky.

'What if this is all just another crazy dream?'


His patience was running out. He stood there, waiting outside the school, his deadly silver hook hidden like his hands inside of a sweater with sleeves much too long. A tangle of dark hair seemed to rest on his forehead constantly and he blew it out of his face repeatedly, getting frustrated each time it landed right back where it began.
'I can't risk exposing my hands. Not in a school setting' he told himself. The hair could wait. He was watching for his prey. And sure enough, two of them came out. Leaning against the wall he watched Aliza and Alcinder slip off the school grounds and into the tangle of trees. They were painfully close to the rabbit hole he had fallen through not a day before. He remembered the swirl of memories return that had been previously tethered to the label "just a crazy dream." But it wasn't just that simple.

Jonah was a king. Was. Before he left Wonderland years ago after living out an entire life span, maybe 30 years, only to return to the human world and be a solum 6 year old once more. And of course his life here was shattered too, the loss of his family and hand, but he needn't think about the details of that. When he returned to Wonderland only yesterday, Jonah was greeted with surprise, as nearly 100 years in Wonderland had passed since his reign, and of course, he came back as a teenager, not the adult he had left as, with a hook for a hand. Everyone had assumed he had died, and the Kingdom had carried on.

Jonah sighed impatiently. The kingdom would be his once more, in time. Long ago there had been a prophecy of an great force, four humans, who could overtake his dark power. He believed no such thing, but upon his return he had seen it with his own eyes, the signs, and the rumors that the four were to return, that they were stronger than ever, and that was enough to chill him to the bone. And so he watched them now, enjoying their happy human lives, blissfully unaware for now, of how they shaped the future, and how Wonderland was utterly effected by them.

"Some four. They are only children Hook. You have lived Wonderland and you know it better than them. You have the upper hand. You can't kill them here. They just die on Wonderland soil and then you will have nothing to worry about." He breathed it out as the train of thought raced through his mind. He was not going to over think this. As soon as they crossed, he would kill them, case closed.