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Snippet #2452621

located in Orphanos Prison, a part of Operation Incarceration: Leave Em' To Rot, one of the many universes on RPG.

Orphanos Prison



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Character Portrait: Rick Cross
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Rain poured down on that dark March day as Rick was veiwing it from out of the ships window. He was a major offender, and thus sat in a secluded part of the boat. Rick looked around at the same scene he has looked at for hours. He jingled his chains as they were fastened around every part of his body that could be used as a weapon; he looked at the officers guarding the door in front of him with his heartless eyes. This was responded by the officer scoffing and starting the same rant as he has been preaching for the last two hours. So he started again in his average voice, which was lined with aggravation.

“You know you’re worthless! Lucky you at least someone will clean up the trash on this island. How does it feel to kill someone you son of a bit-“

The second guard butted in cutting him off mid sentence. The second guard looked sleepy, his mustache dropped and his eyes sagged as he said “Give it a rest let’s just give the dirt bag his boat trip and leave him to rot.”

The first guard cut in again, being much younger and energetic. Rick still looked out the window utterly ignoring them as he sat on his metal chair.

“You know what Tim? Not this time. This piece of garbage is pissing me off! He doesn’t even have the decency to look at me!” Outraged, the first guard rushed at Rick, Tim trying to hold him back but failed. The first guard punched Rick in the face. Nose bleeding Rick stood up and looked at the man, relatively small compared to Rick. The guard was roughly 5”11 and Rick was 6”2. Rick tried with all of his might to charge at him, but only managed a taunting motion. Eyes filled with rage, muscles tensed he stared the man down.

Upon this the guard ran back, scared out of his wits and grinned as Tim said

“Jesus Vick you’re a lunatic, lucky this loser can-“

Rick cut Tim off and said in his low rumbling voice

“You know, while you tuck your kids in tonight think of me because as soon as I get off this fucking island I’m going to kill your entire family, make you watch and then lock you in your own basement with their corpses.”

Vick, the first cop gripped his gun and said

“Threatening a police officer? You’re not in the position to do that my friend.”

Vick was scared obviously, but was confident in the chains, as he walked over and drew his gun going to pistol whip Rick, the second officer, Tim grabbed him and said

“I’m sure the station’d like to hear about this Private!”

Vick tensed up, and walked away breathing heavily as the intercom came on and in a distorted squeaky manor ringed
“All prisoners are to leave the boat now, officers stationed around the boat will guide you what to do and where to go. Any non compliant prisoners will be punished; any violent acts will be dealt with by removal. Thank you and be safe.” The intercom ended with an unpleasant crack as Rick was grabbed by both arms and walked out of the room. The narrow corridor was filled with inmates and was plain and orderly as doors lined every nook and cranny. Rick could hear a prisoner scream, and located the origin watching the scene play out saw a man kicking and punching

“Please no! Please no! No no no!” Guards grabbed him and one of them yelled

“Remove him!” as he was thrown back into the cell several guards walked in also bolting the door behind them, Rick could still make out muffled screams. The rest of the extraction was fairly easy, and quick. He never knew what happened to that man but didn’t really care. Stepping out onto the island he was one of the last, the cesspool of inmates growing and growing. Officer Vick shoved him off the boat, not helping with the unbuckling process as his hands were chained to his legs. After about twenty minutes they pulled the walkway and set off. Watching the boat sail off only for a moment as an inmate shoved him from behind, losing his balance he almost fell off the dock.

The Mexican angrily said “Watch it grandpa who you think you’re messin’ with?”

Enraged he grabbed the man by the chest and threw him off of the dock yelling

“SHUT UP YOU BASTARD!” Storming off Rick saw the chaos already started in the cesspool of inmates, not paying attention he bumped into a man with tribal tattoos.