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Snippet #2452836

located in Orphanos Prison, a part of Operation Incarceration: Leave Em' To Rot, one of the many universes on RPG.

Orphanos Prison



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Character Portrait: Rick Cross
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After walking around for a while he was trying to find a place to make his. He knew that he wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the other prisoners because of the possibility of his death in his sleep. Eventually he sat down somewhere to the far left of the dock, getting the feeling that someone was watching him.

“Hey I saw what you did to my homie back there compadre.” Said a voice with a strong Mexican accent as his friend chimed in
“We saw.” Looking back Rick saw four Mexicans, the tallest one was taller than Rick, and was about 6’4 he was covered in tattoos and was wielding a pipe he was a giant; muscles budging and tense. The smaller man to his left was about 5”9 had chains wrapped around his knuckles and supported four tears on his face, and then he saw a familiar face. The man who he threw off of the dock was there, about 5”11 normal build and supported two tears on his face. Finally he saw the last one which seemed to be the ring leader. He was lean and not particularly muscular; he had four tears on each side of his scared face. The ring leader spoke up in a strong accented deep voice

“You don’t mess with us holmes, there is no cops anymore.”

The taller one spoke in an equally accented voice, and ridiculously deep
“We are gonna beat you to death white boy!”

Rick looked at them, swiveling on the ground he sat on
“Really?” Rick started to laugh when the one he threw in the water charged at him. Rick got up and stood there. The Mexican started to punch Rick everywhere and then stopped and yelled in a displeased voice

“Help me!”

They all ran over, the giant one let out a yell and swung the pipe at Rick, who ducked, face starting to curl in a grimace watched the pipe fly into one of his friend’s stomachs. They let out a yell

“God damn it!”
Rick was distracted, looked back at the others and was slammed in the face by the small one. Rick went into a full rage and tackled the man making him punch himself in the mouth screaming

“Eat it, eat it, eat it!” as the big one kicked Rick off, and with a loud thump Rick slammed on the ground. All of the group ran over and started kicking and punching Rick. Rick grabbed one of their feet and took a chunk out of their leg, and in a scream the man fell backwards in horror.

Badly beaten Rick stood up as the man distracted the group with his screams of pain, Rick grabbed the ringleader and threw him on the ground, which was replied to by a jarring hit to the face which Rick ignored as he started to bash his head into the ground.
The big Mexican slammed the pipe into Rick side and he landed feet away. One down three to go, Rick got up and jumped at the big Mexicans face, clinging on no matter how hard they tried to pull him off he stayed there punching him as hard as he could. Rick was hit in the back with a chain by the disabled Mexican and fell off.

Bloody and hurt the big Mexican angrily charged at Rick with the pipe swinging, as Rick tripped him. Tumbling and rolling he laid on the ground face first. Other Mexicans charging at him as Rick grabbed the pipe and swung it at the ringleader who dodged it and slugged him in the face. Landing a kick on the ringleader Rick was grabbed from behind and responded by kicking him off and swinging the pipe successfully at his face.

One left. The ring leader ran back to his fallen friend and grabbed the chain; Rick followed and was slashed by the chain directly on his chest. In a frenzy Rick rushed the ringleader and was hit again on the face, but this time grabbed the chain and started wrapping it around his knuckles. Pulling with all of his might the ringleader was only drawn in closer and closer to Rick who when in swinging range slammed the pipe against the ringleaders head. Staggering back Rick jumped on him and started beating him with his chained knuckles as he yelled

“DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE” Rick then dragged the bodies to the side of the dock and threw them in.

Badly injured Rick sat down feet hanging off of the edge as a battle raged in his mind

I told you not to throw him off of the dock!

Rick said out loud “It doesn’t matter their all dead!”

No they aren’t at least two of them are alive.

“They will be soon.”

We are a peice of shit you know?

“SHUT UP” Rick yelled as he hit himself in the face.

“I’m hungry.”

I’m disgusting he replied in his mind.