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located in A Home Away From Home., a part of Agoraphobia, one of the many universes on RPG.

A Home Away From Home.

Welcome to your new home, Chambers Plantation. I trust you will never leave us anytime soon.


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Lilith, The Albino Seer
Lilith pushes the cart in front of her, struggling with opening the door. She was able to get out of her room and nudge the door closed with her foot. However, when her door closed, she heard another slam that echoed down the hall. Lilith didn't take any interest though. The wooden handle of the mop was held under her arm, dragging along the ground as she strode through the corridor. She was on her merry way down the hall of closet rooms. She was usually beckoned to dust those rooms but today was obviously different. "I learned to live... Half alive..." She started to sing, her words in mumbles. It was more of a hum. "And now you want me one more time..." Suddenly, a twinkling sound caught her attention. "You're gonna catch a cold...?" She lifts her eyes to one of the chandeliers that dotted the ceiling. It was barely swinging and she almost missed it, as if a steady breeze pushed it ever so slightly. Unsure of the cause, she speeds up her pace down the hall. "From the ice inside your soul..." A lump in her throat silenced her and she began to tremble. Was her captor watching her?

She left the hall of closet rooms and into the foyer where glass panels took up a whole side of the building. In the distance, she could see crops peeping up from the ground. Even further was the sun coming out of it's hiding place. She brought her focus back to her task for the day, dipping the mop into the cart filled with soapy water. She slapped the mop down on the marble floor and began to scrub. Lilith may be working, but her awareness did not dwindle. She was tempted to take a glimpse into the future to ensure her safety, but she knew the cost of doing so. Instead, her clouded hues darted in all sorts of directions. Watching, waiting, insecure of what was to come her way.

OOC: I made sure to note that the chandelier was barely swinging since she came out after yours hid back into the room. Just wanted to clarify.