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Travis and Mark Bernstein

It was another typical day in Camp, just as it was the day before and the one before that. Was there any new news? No. Of course not. Nothing new ever happened, it seemed.
...Unless someone intentionally caused it to happen. But even then, the same tricks began to get boring and soon enough they were predictable. Oh, 'Insert Name Here' did 'Insert Whatever Thing He/She Did Here' again? Huh! They did that last time, too!
Options were running low, and one can only throw soccer balls at someones head before it began to lose it's fun. Of course, no one really threw soccer balls at the other campers... That'd would probably result in some sort of punishment.

"My head still hurts." The first one stated, rubbing the back of his neck as he walked. Turns out a game of Throw Whatever You Can At That Guy! wasn't as thrilling as it sounded.
"You poor thing." The second one replied, not sounding like he gave much interest.
The first one frowned, "You're not even going to pretend that you care?"
"That would be lying."
"I said pretend, Travis. They're completely different."
Travis rolled his eyes, "Well obviously you're not as smart as you think you are, Mark, because they're the same. Now shut up, no one wants to hear you."
Mark scowled at the boy who looked nearly exactly like him. Having a twin was usually just the same as having a typical brother, but at times when Mark was upset and would look at Travis, he felt like he was just getting mad at himself. Same face, same height, same grin, same laugh... any differences? The at least had different voices.
"Oooh, somebody's mad!" Travis snickered, nudging Mark with his elbow, "What? Are your socks not matching today?"
Mark ignored the comment and focused on where he was walking. Travis was so annoying sometimes, it was as if he would dig under Mark's skin and refuse to leave when it began to itch.
'I'm stuck with you!' It would seem like he would taunt, 'Stuck with you and you can't do anything! Ha! Oh, and by the way, you've gotta appreciate me because we're related and stuff. Sucks for you, brother!'
From the corner of his eye, Mark saw Travis's shoulders fall, "I'm not like that." he said, folding his arms. This time, there was a little bit of actual emotion in his voice. He sounded hurt.
Immediately, Mark felt guilty as well.
"I know you're not."
"I'm sorry."
A few seconds of silence passed between them before Mark spoke up, "My socks are matching, by the way."