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Nagisa's smile quickly faded as she saw Dr. Barnes and she placed a hand on Travis's sleeve, gently squeezing it. The sight of him always made her a little uneasy. It wasn't necessarily that she didn't like him, she was just scared of him; almost terrified even. Just the sound of his voice made her tremble and sweat with fright. She watched him quietly as he scanned the crowd and their eyes met for a moment as he scanned the croud. Quickly, she dropped her hand from Travis's arm and look down and to the right blushing nervously. She never liked yelling, but when she heard him yell it was almost as if it caused an earthquake. She had only gotten in trouble with him once, which she was very upset at herself for doing, and it was enough to never make her look at him again. Anger always frightened her, but there was something about Dr. Barnes's anger that was...different.

Ayame felt her heart-rate quicken. She put a hand to her chest and was a bit confused at the time, until she noticed her sister looking away from Dr. Barnes. Good 'ole Dr. Barnes. He scared the pants off of most of the kids here. There was a rumor that, if you looked directly into his eyes for more than five seconds, he would steal your soul. Whether that was true or not was up in the air, though Ayame wouldn't be surprised if it were. There was something about him that She knew how much Nagisa was afraid of him, especially after the one time he yelled at her. From what Ayame could recall her sister was holding a boy's hand, probably Travis's, and he just blew up like a volcanic eruption. He never did like seeing romantic affections among the kids. But what could he expect from them? They all grew up together so there was bound to be some hanky-panky going on. Even though they were in a camp didn't mean the kids didn't have needs. Especially the boys...

As the roll call commenced, the voices of the other twins sounded melancholy and unenthusiastic. This was a normal thing. Not only was it early in the morning, but the roll call took quite a long time and was ungodly boring. The woman who took roll always spoke in a monotone voice and said all the names slowly. She had a cold stare, almost as cold as Dr. Barnes himself, and if you didn't answer right away, she would give you this glare that would nearly freeze your blood. And there it came:
"Ayame Ichigawa."
"Here..." Ayame replies with a sigh in her voice. The woman gives her a slight glare and Ayame clears her voice slightly, looking away.
"Nagisa Ichigawa."
"Present!" Nagisa pipes up, making sure she can be heard. Once she has stated her presence, she goes back to staring at the ground. She moves her hands up and down her arms in an attempt to warm herself. As she breathes out, a white mist swirls from her mouth and Nagisa begins to shiver. Ayame, knowing the feelings of her sister, walks to Nagisa and puts her arms around her, moving them rapidly up and down, creating friction needed to warm Nagisa's cold arms.
"Regretting not bringing a jacket like I told you to?" Ayame asks in a whisper. Nagisa nods, teeth chattering. Ayame chuckles slightly.
"This is why you should listen to me more often."

Roll call stops briefly as Dr. Rufus appears to speak with Dr. Barnes. Ayame smiles suddenly at his presence. There was something about him that intrigued her. Nagisa always told her it was gross and that he was weird, but Ayame found it easy to ignore her. He was a dark individual and very flirtatious with the women around. Ayame figured that, even though she disliked the thought of love and romance, it was a little teenage crush. She did wonder what would happen once she was 18, though she figured once she and Nagisa was a legal adult, they would finally leave the camp and become functioning human beings in the elusive and seemingly fantasy-ridden outside world.