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located in Chicago, Illinois, a part of Forever Bound to You, one of the many universes on RPG.

Chicago, Illinois



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Garth gave her a quizzical look at her light smirk at the mentioning of his butler; he knew that she had a habit of unnerving the man (not to mention having a little snack as well) Garth never thought that she found fun in creating fear within him. Now, Garth wasn't really one to talk, since he had done the same for years with other mortals, but he enjoyed Matthew's company - Garth didn't want to know how Matthew would feel if Garth told him they were beginning to become a little more involved. Garth found it odd that he actually cared for the well being of his mortal butler, but he shrugged it off - the man was good, his services were excellent and his charm was top notch. You didn't find many like him anymore.

Saying nothing but nodding to him, Garth let Angel laugh before she reached down and grabbed a buzzing device: her cellular phone. She began a to spill out in French, with Garth standing in the background silent in slight curiosity, but more so towards confusion. Was it really necessary for him to be doting over her so much, when she had been there with him this entire time? If he complimented her now, what did that mean about her before? Did she ever think like that? Garth violently shook those feelings out of his head, yet kept his body still. He was beginning to think that he sounded very childlike and annoying, and he would have none of that. Garth was trying to get back into the scene where he could actually love another again, and these fleeting thoughts of perplexed ramblings were not helping in the slightest.

Breaking him out of his focused stupor was her voice raising in alarm, and her phone being closed and put away rapidly. His eyes were instantly full of concern and protection as he scanned the nearby area for danger. What had she heard? He turned back to her as she spoke rapidly about a friend named Nadia - Garth recalled the name, but did not recall many connections or meetings with the woman. Angel's hushed tone was easily heard by Garth as she quickly explained that her young friend was in danger; hunters in the woods, yet their protector and leader were dead.

While Garth isn't proud of it, his first thought was: Angel's friend has a very shitty protector. Indeed, that was how he saw it. If the protector could not protect his or her people, what good were they? He did chastise himself though, as he didn't know all of the details. His head bowed down slightly, his eyes closing. They could make it there in decent time regardless of their transportation, but it was the entire situation that had him slightly uneasy. There would be many hunters, and he may not be able to protect Angel the entire time. Not to mention he had been looking forward to spending time with Angel in his villa, trying to figure out what was going on with his own emotions. But she was asking, and he was giving.

Garth turned to Matthew and spoke."Prenez-nous à l'ouest." After a little bit, he murmured quickly into the young man's ear. "Prenez nos bagages à la villa. Attendre mon appel, et apporter des vêtements de rechange si vous le pouvez." There were other things Garth wanted to say, but he did not need to; over the brief time that he knew him, Matthew had become highly adept at reading his employer's thoughts as if they were his own. A slight bow from Matthew, and Garth opened the door for Angel and got into it himself before they sped off and Garth began to arm himself. The ride was silent, except for the the odd clink that his hatchet would make as it hit another metal object.

With Matthew's exceptional knowledge of the street, they made it to the west end of Paris in no time before he pulled over to the side and Garth got out. As soon as Angel did as well, Matthew sped off, leaving Garth and Angel on the side of the road. Barely a moment passed before Garth spoke. "Direct me, and we shall save your friend." He gave her a reassuring nod, feeling that saying anything else would cheapen his words before her.