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Sincere just shrugged again, his demontour finally coming back to him at once. He had never been one to crack under pressure so why start now? With a sigh he dug into his pocket hopping to find some gum but ended up coming out with a bag of weed that he casually stuffed back down. He grunted with annoyance when he remembered he had left his pack of orbit gum in the glove department of his wrecked truck in Tisha's apartment complex parking lot. Come to think of it, waiting on his cousin to come pick him up was the last thing he remembered before waking up in this place. Another mystery yet he had to solve. He searched for his flip phone and when he didn't find it he assumed he had accidently left it in his truck after calling his cousin for some much needed help.

Sincere turned his head toward the opening of the alley that lead out into a market area and was astound when he heard modern day songs. "You hear that?" Sincere asked the man standing in front of him before Sincere made his way to the edge of the alley and peeped out. He was careful this time not to step on anything that would cause any noise and surprisingly he was quite stealthy. He guessed he got this good at stealth when he was forced to go hunting as a kid and sneaking out of girlfriends houses as a young adult.

There was a large crowd gathering and he knew from experience that a crowd usually meant something entertaining, rather it was a fight or a street performer. He looked at the cloths he was wearing and knew if he excited from the alley to see who was causing all the commotion he would be spotted. "We should probably go checked this out. Who ever is signing is defiantly intoned with modern day tunes, he may have the answer that we seek." Sincere said as he craned his neck backwards so he could see the man behind him.

"But we defiantly won't blend in well that's for sure." Just when he finished that sentence he heard a man from the crowd shout, "Looks like this bard is out of songs. I knew it was nothing special. Just the way he dressed." Sincere had a sinking feeling in his stomach when he heard those words. He got the idea that the man drawing a crowd to himself was just like him and the other man that stood in the alley with him, instead of the mastermind behind this strange turns of events as he hoped. All he wanted was someone to shed some light onto these strange occurrences so he could stop worrying himself with what if questions.

"By the way I didn't quite get your name. I'm Sincere." He said as he turned back to monitor the turn of events happening in front of him. He hoped the man singing the modern songs would perhaps move around a bit so he could see him through the thickly growing crowd. He wasn't yet ready to just waltz through that crowd to see for himself, but when push comes to shove he was sure he would do it just to satisfy his curiosity.