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located in Milky Way Galaxy, a part of And the Stars Revolted, one of the many universes on RPG.

Milky Way Galaxy



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Character Portrait: Adamma Ignatyeva Character Portrait: Dr. Clarey Ayala and Viki
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Rocking back and forth on her feet, Dr. Clarey Ayala glared at any passersby that glanced in her direction. Her A.I. companion Viki lay sprawled in a chair next to her, eyes staring into space and muttering nonsense in a low voice. They'd been like that for the past half hour, and it was starting to draw unnecessary attention.

Cascara Seca, one of her favorite seaside bars, seemed like a good place to spend some down time on that day. It was bright and sunny outside, with a nice breeze blowing in from the shore, making for a pleasant and relaxing day out. However, they'd scarcely been there ten minutes before Viki caught wind of something and retreated into the virtual world. Clarey considered plugging her terminal into the android and riding shotgun to her feed, but decided to respect her partner's privacy.

Xavier, the bartender, approached their table cautiously and held out the drinks Clarey had ordered. She accepted them with a tight smile indicating her dangerous lack of patience for any tomfoolery. The man had tried to hit on her several times in the past, and the last time he'd approached, she pulled her gun on him. People trying to get close to her or get into her life made her anxious. She didn't like that.

15:56:01 >USER:Halconeer73 joined chat!<
15:56:12 [Halconeer73] >SiberGoddess? You in chat?<
15:56:13 [SiberGoddess] >What's up, Hal?<
15:56:42 [Halconeer73] >I just got wind of something big. You might want to steer clear of the ocean for a bit, okay?<
15:56:49 >USER:Halconeer73 initiated file transfer! {389f39DCI298_3hhY.txt}<
15:56:50 [SiberGoddess] >You're a doll, Hal. I'll keep my eyes open and my feet dry.<
15:57:02 >USER: SiberGoddess has left chat!<

Viki zipped down a virtual highway, peeking into packets and files around her idly as she scanned for any reflections of the data she'd gotten off her contact. The file he'd sent her contained an SOS issued by some ship in hyperspace inbound to Dahl's Cradle and fast. At most, she'd only have maybe five minutes before impact to clear the splash zone. At ETC minus three minutes, she jacked out of the ethernet and calmly sat up in her seat.

Her creator whirled around to face her, startled by her movement. Viki looked her in the eye as she stood, jerking her head towards the door and quickly making a beeline to it. Behind her, Clarey spluttered protests, but hastily joined her side.

"There's a ship on a crash trajectory headed this way.I suggest we climb the old church steeple so we can get a good view," piped Viki, as if it were some kind of show and not an incredibly dangerous event. Clarey stopped in her tracks a moment, not completely comprehending.

"There's a what?!" Viki heard her yell from behind, but the A.I. simply smiled and broke into a run.

An incoherent noise of frustration escaped Clarey's mouth as her partner casually informed her of impending danger and then proceeded to head towards it. She matched Viki's pace, vaulting obstacles as she neared the edge of the marketplace. Taking a flying leap, Clarey scrambled up a wall and onto the roof of a nearby store, trying to keep track of her compulsive companion.

Chasing Viki over rooftops and up apartment buildings, Clarey kept glancing at the sky in fear that the ship would just drop straight on top of them. Finally, they reached the old, decrepit church building and scaled it. Clarey doubled over, trying to catch her breath.

"How do you know there's a ship going to crash, and how do you know it won't crash here?" She fell back into a seated position and followed Viki's darting gaze out over the ocean.

"I don't..." whispered the A.I. excitedly, a broad smile plastered on her beautiful damned face.

Like a child spotting a celebrity, Viki leaned forward and pointed to the sky, bouncing up and down slightly.

"There it is!" she shouted. Her eyes zoomed in to the breach in atmosphere, noting the launch of an escape pod as the ship plummeted down to the ocean.

"C'mon, Clarey! Let's go meet the survivor!" She hopped down from the spire into a rolling landing, then made a beeline to the beach. Halfway there, she cheered as the ship slammed into the ocean, sending up a huge plume of water leaping into the sky.

Clarey finally joined her on the beach five minutes later, huffing and puffing. Viki gestured towards the wreck, indicating a small black dot out in the middle of the bay.

"There's the escape pod. It'll drift to shore in 9 minutes 54 seconds, accounting for the disturbance of the ship crashlanding into the bay. We should be the welcome party!"

Viki paced back and forth near the zone she projected the pod would wash up in.