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located in London, a part of Copper and Gold, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Sou perked up, the moment he was just thinking of the boy, he comes a knocking at their door. "It's as if he is sired to us my dear brother." Patting Shin's butt softly, he got up and walked over to the door. As he opened the door his eyes fell from the boys eyes straight to the open of his shirt. "Seducing me already so early in the morning? What a wonderful breakfast." Sou's twisted seducing smirk as he licked his lips, leaning against the door, leaving enough space for Eugene to walk in through.

"Agh,... What is wrong with you two?!" Shin grumbled as he sat up in the bed holding his head down so he could hide his face from the bright light that shined in the room. Unlike his brother Shin was never one to get up early, and he was very moody, it was hard to please him in any way. "You Butler!" Not lifting his head he pointed at the boy as if he was a dog. "Cleaning? Really? You know I hate the smell of the cleaning products! If you insist on cleaning, why don't you clean me instead." Shin leaned back on one hand into the shade of the bed's drapes. The shirt he wore had tears in it with purple and black stripes. A few of the tears showed his pale skin through it. His hair was a bit the same way. But it fit him, matching his dark personality and torn soul.

Chuckling at his brother Sou closed the door and walked over to the balcony. Leaning against the stone rail of the balcony now, he played with the rim of his glaces thinking, while staring off into the distance. "You know I was thinking. Why don't we fix this place up? His red eyes wandered over the house and dead area. Sure he didn't mind it, but the smell of rotting plants was starting to make it unbearable to live in the house.

Shin glanced from Eugene to Sou. "What the hell for? Looks fine how it is." He didn't give to shits about the place in honest truth, if his brother was willing to move he would be out of the house in less than two seconds. If it was up to him he would live the life of an old rich vampire or something like that. In a gothic home style, like a victorian home with death calling in each wall of the house.

"Shin, my dear brother. It smells like the dead around here, it is high time he touch things up. Can't live like this forever, you know this." Sou smiled over at Eugene. "You are apart of this family, so tell me, what are your thoughts on the idea. Do be honest now."

Shin made a cold lick of his tongue when Sou considered the Butler as a family member. With the roll of his eyes he laid back down in the bed onto his side, closing his eyes.