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StarFire 200IO

"Your ship and your home until your mission is complete."


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After her short gawking session Tori adjusted her backpack to the left side of her shoulder breathing out, satisfied with the ship. She kept the bag of skittles in her left hand while something caught her interest from the corner of her eye. She switched her gaze towards the captain and her little brother walking into the ship. The young fighter looked around seeing that almost everyone was already doing their own thing talking amongst themselves. Apparently Nixon and the fiery head mechanic, CC had become best friends, and Vincent looked rather nervous while Minerva's eyes flicked from each person the last being Vincent. The young fighter had no doubt that she felt as if she could get along with everyone on the ship but wouldn't be much interest to them.

She shrugged it off and followed the captain up onto the ship, her keys hitting against a cylinder device that was clipped to her belt. Once inside she watched as they're scientist disappeared into one of the rooms then turned her attention towards the captain whose reaction to the inside of the ship amused her and caused a grin to cross her lips. Tori had to say the inside was impressive, Of course as she's the fighter you'd think she'll be rushing off towards the training room but she just wanted to get settled in and check it out later. Her eyes followed the captain as she gawked over all the shiny buttons and tech on HER ship. She watched as Hannah plopped down in the pilot seat letting out a happy sigh. The young fighter could feel her feet vibrate as the engine was turned on , for a second her legs feeling like jelly for a second for some odd reason but that feeling quickly faded away.

Tori stretched out waiting for everyone else to get on and get their rooms because she really didn't mind which room she got as long as everyone was happy with their choice, she didn't mind. She leaned against one of the walls next to the entrance looking around observing her environment, finding every possible way to escape or to hide. After she did that her attention snapped back towards the captain who turned on the intercom and spoke "Hello and welcome aboard this sexy metallic beast, this is your captain speaking. Because I don't know how to be patient and my hands are itching to fly, we will be taking off... Right now!" Tori couldn't help but to get a giggle out of this as she watched the happy Captain talk. " Such an eager and happy captain you are right now~"Tori spoke in a tone that had a small hint of flirting in it as she walked over to her setting down half the bag of her skittles next to the captain.

" It's not much, I know but it's all I have other than a small bottle of scotch and a bag of lollipops." Tori turned on her heel a small grin on her lips as she walked towards the rooms seeing that everyone had already picked their rooms she took the empty one that was first in the hall to the left. When she got in she proceeded to drop her back next to the bed and throw herself on it crossing her legs and placing her arms behind her head. " Ahh..I'll check the training room later..I need to work on my new move."