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located in StarFire 200IO, a part of Into the Stars, one of the many universes on RPG.

StarFire 200IO

"Your ship and your home until your mission is complete."


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Vincent had been muttering to himself, bent forwards with his eyes fixed on the ship. His eyes darted to and fro as he took in the overall shape and build of the ship. I swear…I have never seen a model like this over the hundreds of thousands of books I’ve read so far…except that one scroll that dated back a few centuries ago. He pulled at his beard again, his eyes squinting, until suddenly, a voice broke through his reverie. “Come on Pops, time to get a move on.” CC slapped his head through his hoodie and walked away, leaving the tactician bewildered and a little bit insulted.

“I’m not that old! For Christ’s sake-“ he mumbled darkly as he followed the rest of the expedition crew, and entered the ship right after CC, him towering over her as they walked into the spacious entrance room of the StarFire 2001O. “Well, I’ll be damned…” Vincent muttered as he looked at the sleek surfaces and the corridors that led off to the multiple rooms that were open. He laughed lightly as he walked into the bridge to see the interface to the side of the captain. He let out a soft whistle as he sat down in the plush chair, a groan leaving him as he finally sat down.

He looked at the buttons in front of him, a sly grin on his face, and then reached forward and turned the interface on. Vincent slowly grabbed the seatbelt around him and buckled himself, the seatbelt forming an X across his chest. “Calibrating,” a female voice said, as the word appeared on the screen in front of Vincent, “Face recognition, complete. Vincent Velorien, tactician; welcome aboard.” Vincent grinned as the interface expanded, to show the different selections for the multiple planets that they were supposedly going to go to, including personal biographies of the others on the ship with him.

He turned, his chair swiveling, to face the captain as she gleefully said, “Hello and welcome aboard this sexy metallic beast, this is your captain speaking. Because I don’t know how to be patient and my hands are itching to fly, we will be taking off… right now!” The smile that had been on Vincent’s face slipped off as he felt the ship rumble and lift off from the platform it had been parked in.

Quickly swiveling his chair back into place, Vincent pulled out the interface to see the different planets, observing them each before he turned once again to face Hannah. “Captain!” he yelled over, the soft rumbling that filled the ship reverberating in his body, the noise filling his ears, “Which planet do you plan on going to first?” With a few practiced swipes of his hand, he sent the extremely basic overviews of the different planets they were supposed to visit. He tapped the interface again and orb forms appeared on top of the explanations of the planets- images of what the planets looked like from space.

“I personally prefer…wait…this one.” He said into the microphone beside him he had just found and had just linked to the captain’s seat, while once again tapping away on the screen, letting the screen light up as the planet lit up with a bright light as well. Vincent shrugged and turned his chair once again to look at the captain. “Well? What do you think?” His eyes glinted with fun and anticipation- with a little bit of fear- as he awaited Hannah’s answer.