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located in StarFire 200IO, a part of Into the Stars, one of the many universes on RPG.

StarFire 200IO

"Your ship and your home until your mission is complete."


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And they're off.

Minerva supposed she should check out the infirmary. If there was a sudden crisis, she wouldn't want to be learning it on-the-fly. Trying to solve medical problems for an unfamiliar patient with unfamiliar equipment in an unfamiliar setting is how one doesn't realize the neuroressecutator doesn't automatically reset for some reason and fails a lab practical. Though in fairness, outside of the contrived circumstances of that simulation, any mildly competent nurse would have given warning, or not used such outdated equipment in the first place. But that all being said, the odds of something coming up this early into the trip were sufficiently low to make a trip to the galley first acceptable.

Also, she was hungry.

Minerva arrived shortly after Nixon. She elected to take a few moments to observe before making her presence known. But aside from a pleasingly methodical search pattern, there didn't seem to be any information to be gleaned here.

"Ah, Mr. Moreau," she said when she saw him turning in a manner that would bring her into his line of sight. She did find his appearance unusual, perhaps strange, but attempted to withhold judgement and remain cordial - successfully at that, almost certainly, due to years of experience. "It appears we are of the same mind here. Would you mind if I were to join you?" She stepped forward as she asked that, not quite entering the galley proper, making it clear that she wanted to without being aggressive about it. How would he react? It could be interesting.