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Snippet #2471617

located in Cross Academy, a part of Vampire Knight: The Devil's Dance, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cross Academy



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Character Portrait: [NPC] Bartender Character Portrait: Zenith Rosenkreuz Character Portrait: Anastasia Guillory
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|β€œDeath is all I have to give. Life is all you want from me.”|

Yet again, women are truly strong or rather truly stubborn. Zenith does admire their tenacity to stay firm on their decisions. However, it was also a source of perturbing matters. Why is that? They never do as what he wishes but at the same time, he was completely fine with it. Due to that, they are able to shine the most in the blank canvass which was his world. The only trend which remains consistent through it all. Their light will cease into oblivion just like all others who attached themselves to his existence which could be called as a curse. Yes, he was indeed a malediction to others and even more so to himself. Perhaps, it was for that reason that his clan, the Rosenkreuz had stayed detached and isolated from everyone and everything else. They must know that a day, a person, like this, like him, would come to usher a chaotic time. If that was so, he should have remained in his lands, in that sealed birdcage.

β€œThen will you make sure I'm always alive?”

The hand, which was wrapped around the delicate neck of the human girl beneath him, was removed. It would seem he would yield to this human who intends to be his friend. She did not take the chance despite the obvious danger to her being. Her hands wrapped around his wrist as if to soothe him instead to remove such a grip which meant certain death. At the same time, her eyes looked at him with sadness which should be fear or hatred. All of what he had expected for her to do and react were broken into pieces. She was very formidable despite her clear restrictions due to what she is. Zenith removed her fingers with his other hand. Yet, this action of his was light and certain in a sense. She wanted to cleanse his hands from the sins he had committed. There was a flaw there. He did not want forgiveness when he believed that his actions were right for his own goals.

"You must never forget.”

"I do not need forgiveness." Those words left his lips with his usual monotone yet with a tinge of absolute necessity. It was a fact. As such, he was prepared to face the consequences of whatever his decisions would bring forth. That was the responsibility, he would take without a moment of doubt. At the same time, his actions are indeed deplorable but it was the path he would have taken no matter how many times he does. All that matters to him was the result. "This was your last chance to leave unscathed." He continued as he removed himself from her form. There was no need to pin her down any longer. He straightened himself as the pink petals rained down on them in an unending manner. It was like a curtain or even a blanket which covered them from eyes who deemed to interrupt or to sow discord.

Those golden eyes remained unyielding, empty, and unreadable. The Pure-blood king remained a closed book to all. However, he might not be so in the guise of this human girl who will remain as his friend. "Alice desires you dead." There were no fluctuations in his tone or even a semblance of agitation. He was utterly calm and indifferent. Zenith looked at her with his signature apathetic facade. "I cannot deny her wish next time." That is truth of this matter. If Alice pursued the wish once more to remove this human girl's existence, he will do so without fail. He can never deny whatever Alice wishes for. It was not just because of the blood she possesses. There was a deeper meaning to his attachment. Moreover, his priority will always be his sole purpose and nothing else.

Zenith walked away from the place, away from her. There were no need for further conversations or dialogues between them. The human girl has spoken what she truly believes in. He will not hold or prevent her from doing what she intends to do so. She is free to do as she wills and from now on, there will be no warning coming from him. Once, there was a notable distance. He looked over his shoulder as his eyes met hers. "Good bye, Ms. Guillory." After saying that, he went on his way. From now on, that human girl who wants to be his friend will be covered in the darkness which he exudes. The question would she able to withstand it or not. Because as of right now, she would never be able to depart without being scarred. Like that, he slowly disappeared from her vision. He would need to tend to some affairs which required his attention. After all, he is a public figure as of now.


"President, there is a letter for you." A messenger has entered the office of the Hunter Association President. The man with absolute black hair like midnight and eyes like coal gazed at the person. He took the handed letter and gestured to be left alone. This was immediately done as the new President was truly an intimidating person to begin with. He was coy, sly, but unabashedly terrifying by even those of great standards. After all, the issue about those rebellious hunters acting on their own by assassinating the Vampire King. He dealt with it in such a manner which even irked and made those toughest of the lot fear his very gaze. It was to be expected of course. He after all has a reputation to uphold.

Looking at the sealed envelope, he could depict the seal of Cross Academy. He already knew from whom it could be from. At the same time, the content was also something he could guess. He read the letter as he leaned on his chair with an interested look in his eyes. The news was indeed both foreboding and inviting. When he was finished, he burned the letter through the means of the candle located on his desk which was lit. Once the paper turns into nothing more but ashes, he smiled and tilted his head to the side. The game was now afoot. Now, what should he do now. "Every one is now up to date, aren't they? The wait is now over."