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located in Suburban Moscow;, a part of The Haze, one of the many universes on RPG.

Suburban Moscow;



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Character Portrait: Sasha Volkov
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Sasha stood at the door, his pack on his back and his pistol on his hip. The past three days had been a living nightmare. The news reports had painted such a grim picture, and the screams and gun fire outside had confirmed it. Sasha had tried to follow the t.v.'s advice and stay put, but it was no longer safe indoors. His small house was very old, and despite of all of Sasha's efforts, he just couldn't keep the Haze from seeping in. If he waited one more day, the interior of his house would be just as bad as the air outside. He had spent the morning packing and prepping, and now it was it. Time to leave the house.

After tearing down the three blankets he had taped over the door, Sasha cracked the door open and stepped outside. The acrid smog burned Sasha's eyes and throat, blurring his vision and sending him into a coughing fit. It reminded Sasha of teargas. Coughing, Sasha yanked his scarf over his mouth and nose, and dug out his goggles from his backpack. He pulled on the goggles and opened his eyes again. The make-shift face cover helped keep the Haze at bay, but Sasha could still feel it on his skin and taste it on every breath. Once the burning has subsided, Sasha opened his eyes and looked around. It was his neighborhood, and yet it wasn't. A thick yellow fog roiled about, obscuring the world Sasha knew and transforming it into a nightmarish landscape. There were cars abandoned on the roads and sidewalks, the buildings all showed signs of distress: broken glass, boarded up windows, and a few were even burnt down. Sasha could see that there were a few bodies laying about. Some showed signs of being attacked, but most were untouched, their faces bearing the grimaces they wore in death as the Haze claimed them. Sasha shook his head, forcing himself to look away from the dead. He began to walk down the sidewalk, heading east. If the news had been correct, there was a shelter not too far from his home. Sasha just hoped that others had survived as well.