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StarFire 200IO

"Your ship and your home until your mission is complete."


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Hannah gave a small smirk as Vincent began to freak out over in his little corner, guess he just realised how little earth knew about these others planets, "Guess your not in it for the adventure than, huh buddy." She asked her bridge partner as she began to set the adjustment and controls for the ship onto cruise so that they wouldn't crash by accident. She heard him leave a little while later cursing slightly every now and than, giving a small smile she clicked on autopilot and injected the ships alarm into her body, the alarm would go off every time autopilot wasn't enough for the ship to continue its flight, like a meteor field or something that required actual skill and thought.

Giving a peaceful sigh, she leaned back in her chair staring out into the void of space. Stars shone through the inky blackness and created a picture of colour and lights. It was one of the main reason why she wanted to go on this venture, to see the space they lived in and see the beauty of the black night sky she always looked up at in wonder when she was a child.

"Sure is pretty Captain, the sky that is and you too." Hannah nearly jumped a mile high as Tori appeared behind her. She sent the women a small smile over her shoulder at her, before nodding her head in agreement. "It is, it's mainly why I wanted to be a pilot, so I could see the beauty of the night sky close up. Thanks for the skittle by the way, you have no idea how much I have been craving them!" She shock the green bag and tipped a few of the sweets into her mouth as demonstration, sighing a little in pleasure at the sweetness.

They stared at the sky together for a few moments in silence before Tori began to leave, "Well I'm off to the training room miss captain lady, catch ya later beautiful~". Hannah felt her cheeks heat up a little at the comment, it had been a while since anyone had been that nice or flirty with her. Shaking her head to get rid of it, Hannah also stood from her seat and made her way towards the crews quarters and grabbing the room next to her brothers so that they would be closer to each other. Letting out a small sigh of relief as she collapsed down onto the bed, Hannah drifted off into sleep.


After taking the inventory in the sick bay, Ricky decided to head back to his room, after all he had nothing better to do. Half way there though he had to pass past the galley and as he did his nose picked up the smell of food. Planning on ignoring it and just continuing after realising there were people inside, the shapeshooter and the medic, he soon changed his mind when his stomach let out a loud groan of protest and forced his feet to change direction and walk right into the occupied room.

Muttering a small hi so as not be rude if they had seen him enter, he kept his head down so as to not be noticed, the two seemed to be busy eating and talking so maybe he would be lucky and get away unseen. Opening up one of the cupboards he noticed a small foil pack of soup. Smiling happily behind his fringe, he moved towards the kettle as he set it to boil along with setting out two cups. Continuing to rummage through the cupboard, he finally found what he was looking for, giving a small squeak of triumph, he pulled out the box of fruit tea and honey before setting about filling the cups with boiling water and their respective food items.