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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Snippet #2476625

located in Sepulcher Town, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sepulcher Town

You find yourself in a desolate and forsaken place.


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Character Portrait: The VARIAtech Consulate Character Portrait: Xeraph Knights Character Portrait: Xeraph Dragoons Character Portrait: The Malleus Demonika
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Groups of Xeraph Knights were being cut down left and right by the strange enemy, and above the Griffin fighter craft were broght down by the enemy's even stranger weaponry. At the backs of their minds, there was an unpleasant tickle, a pestering buzz that made it difficult to concentrate on attacking. Blood painted the ground around them, their brothers dying off. Xeraph Knights didn't die easily, but they did die; these mysterious crystalline beings was making certain of that. They were at an impasse, helplessly watching as the invaders carried off groups of citizens all the while laying down fire and not seeming to make any dents in the enemy ranks.

Just then, the cavalry came through.

The Malleus Demonika, the Union's own slayers of Manasphere demons, were sent in to investigate the attack, and to destroy any and all attackers that threatened the security of Rorian Grand and the rest of the Union's territories. Better-trained than the Knights, they burst onto the scene, armed with the very same pulse weaponry, as well as their highly deadly mana lances; large pole-arm weapons powered with magick energies to produce a high-intensity blade capable of slicing and piercing through the hardest of hides and materials.

Charging onto the scene, making their way into the thick of conflict, they met the invaders head on, unloading out of their own Stallions and rushing the mysterious creatures. They weren't like any demons they'd ever seen, but they could die just the same. Moving to cut down or impale the invasion party, as well as obliterate them with ranged weaponry, the hunters pushed hard to beat back the enemy and drive them back to whence they came.

A straight line of hunters charged them, while another group laid down fire from behind them, being careful to aim around their fellows. Utilizing a phalanx, they moved forward, harnessing their shielding systems to protect them as they advanced, their compatriots behind them providing them covering fire to allow them to safely move forward. The hunters moved to impale and slice the crystal beings, seeking to shatter them with their powerful weaponry.